Why Jersey Shore Condos for Sale are Great for Newlyweds

First off, a big congratulations is in order for the newlywed couple! Embarking on a journey of marriage is a path of commitment, reward, love, and challenges. Luckily, there are lifestyle choices that can support and nurture a newly blossoming marriage. The home space in which you choose to live as newlyweds can have a profound impact on your first few years of marriage. If you have been looking for Jersey Shore condos for sale, look no further than The Lofts at Pier Village.

Jersey Shore is a world-renowned location and condos are a fantastic choice for newlyweds. If you’ve been looking for Jersey Shore condos for sale –or apartments or houses –you likely already know the convenience and appeal of Jersey Shore. But do you know that condos are becoming increasingly popular amongst newlyweds? Jersey Shore condos for sale, particularly The Lofts Pier Village, are superior to other housing options for newlyweds. And here is why:

10 reasons why Jersey Shore Condos For Sale Are Great For Newlyweds:

1) Cost Efficient

One of the biggest hinderances in owning rather than renting is of course, money. The average 2 bedroom condo is much cheaper than the average 2 bedroom home. Plus, a condo has so many other advantages! Money can be a main point of tension amongst newlyweds, so finding an affordable and budget friendly home can alleviate a lot of stress and make for a happier marriage. By saving money on a condo rather than a house, you can watch your savings grow and invest money for the future, plan more vacations, or use that money on all the other simple pleasures of life

2) The Ocean!

Ocean lovers will be in paradise if they choose a Jersey Shore condo for sale. The Lofts Pier Village, in particular, has incredible ocean views and very convenient beach access with their own direct boardwalk and beach access. A short walk from your front door, and you can spend the day at the beach, easily running home to refresh on a cold drink, grab a snack, or use the bathroom. In fact, many condos have direct ocean views and simply being on your balcony is a relaxing beachfront activity. Imagine watching and listening to the waves below and smelling that salty fresh ocean air right from your own home. How dreamy is that?!

3) Convenient Location

Many condos have a convenient location for commuting to work because they can be near highways and have convenient parking lot structures. Street parking can be a pain, so having a designated parking space is easy, saves time, and saves stress. Plus, condos like The Lofts Pier Village, have an array of fine dining, entertainment, and retail nearby. This makes errands, nights out, and date nights easy for you and your new spouse. For those green-minded individuals, you can bike around easily from The Lofts Pier Village and use their complimentary bike racks to keep your bike safe each night. Not into biking or driving? Well luckily The Lofts Pier Village has a shuttle to the nearby New Jersey transit station. Location is huge in determining if a new residency is the right fit for you!

4) Near two bustling cities

We wish ocean life could be all that exists, but sometimes a trip into the city is exactly what the heart and soul needs. Sometimes you need a city for certain errands, for meeting with friends, or for the cultural experience of dining at any type of restaurant, seeing a world-class Broadway show, or taking a trip to a museum. The Lofts Pier Village is less than an hour and a half to New York City, and around an hour and a half to Philadelphia. Nestled right in between these two magnificent cities –and located right on the ocean—The Lofts Pier Village is an astounding location.

5) Security and safety

Newlyweds or not, having a security system in place at your home is crucial. Rather than installing cameras, a security pad, locks, fences, and other security equipment, why not let someone else take care of it for you? While looking into the Jersey Shore condos for sale, keep this perk of built in security on your mind. And note that condos with 24-hour security should be top of the list. Eliminate the fear and stress of robbery, and other crimes.

6) Healthy living

Another key part to maintaining a healthy marriage is maintaining a healthy body and mind. Exercise is crucial to overall well-being. A couple that stays in shape is a couple that stays together. The Lofts Pier Village has a state-of-the-art private fitness center, a yoga studio, and a personal trainer studio all within a short walk from your residence. This makes staying in shape easy, fun, and convenient. If exercising is easy and fun you are much more likely to fit it into your daily or weekly routine.

7) Community

Many newlywed couples want community and social opportunities with other likeminded couples, families, and individuals. A big perk of condo living, is that you will be close to so many other people who value similar things to you. With beach goers as your neighbors, dining buddies, dinner party friends, and gym partners all living in the same building, socialization has never been easier. As newlyweds, it is so important to maintain friendships with others, so that there is a balance of independence and community. And condos, like The Lofts Pier Village, make socialization easy with all of their convenient amenities and gathering spaces.

8) Gathering spaces & entertainment

Never be bored with condo life! There is so much to do for entertainment throughout all of the Jersey Shore and The Lofts Pier Village offer much more than just what the Jersey Shore has! For example, The Lofts have an outdoor lounge area with fire pits and grills, lush landscaping with meandering paths and a game room. There is even an outdoor carousel and theatre and seasonal ice skating rink a short walk away. As if the beach wasn’t enough?! And if you’re planning ahead and considering starting a family of your own, there is also a children’s play room. So whether you want entertainment for you and your spouse, or you want to invite all the friends and family over, condo life offers you many gathering places besides just your living room.

9) A pool

Maybe the ultimate form of entertainment that some condos can offer is the pool area. What is more relaxing than cracking a beer open by the pool after a long day of work? Oh, and condo life means that you don’t have to be the one to maintain the pool, because what fun would that be? The pool at The Lofts Pier Village is big enough to swim laps in and also has pool side cabanas and a beautiful pool deck for relaxing.

10) Less maintenance than a home

One of the main perks of living in and owning a condo is that you don’t have to deal with yard maintenance. Many home owners spend either a ton of money, or a ton of time maintaining their front and back yards. It almost needs to be a hobby of yours to own a home and take care of the lawn maintenance. If pruning trees, planting flowers, cutting the grass, watering all the plants, and shoveling the driveway in the winter is not your idea of a fun weekend, then consider a Jersey Shore condo for sale instead of a house for sale.

11) Investing in your future as newlyweds

As a married couple, the future needs to be on your mind. Investing in a beachfront Jersey Shore condo for sale is a wise way to invest in your future together as a couple. Whether the condo becomes your main stay of residence, a vacation condo, or simply a means of property investing, you can’t go wrong by investing in real estate. The Lofts Pier Village come with a 30 year tax abatement savings, the opportunity to rent seasonally or yearly, and a location that cannot be beat.

In conclusion:

As newlyweds you want your first years in marriage to be stress free and packed with fun and convenience. A Jersey Shore condo for sale gives you the opportunity to live beach front, invest in your future, and have so many fun and exciting opportunities within minutes of your home.

A testimonial from a resident at The Lofts Pier Village explains perfectly:

“I looked at a number of condos in the area and, by far, The Lofts is my number one choice,” …“There’s always something to do in Pier Village. Extell Development is definitely the best developer on the east coast. The quality of that building is the best I’ve ever seen. And, you’ve got all these amenities. The Lofts is not only a great place to live. It’s a great lifestyle.”


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