Visit Gardens and Farms Near the Pier Village Long Branch Condos for Sale

If you live in one of the Pier Village Long Branch Condos for Sale, chances are you are a nature lover. The condos offer fantastic views of the majestic landscape that surrounds them. There are amenities, activities, shops, and restaurants for every taste in preference. However, sometimes, we need to get out of our houses and get in touch with nature differently.

Especially after this worldwide pandemic, we were forced to stay indoors: it is no wonder we are eager to experience outside as much as possible! And with that in mind, as you resume old activities, engage in new ones, consider taking a look at the beautiful Pier Village Long Branch Condos for Sale. They are near plenty of outdoor opportunities.

These times may have left you unsettled, or a bit anxious. New researches reveal that visiting a garden is good for the state of mind. 85% of people say visiting a garden has a positive impact on their mental wellbeing. Moreover, 8 out of 10 people state they feel happier after visiting a garden than before. What is it that we like so much about going to such places? Many say it expands their creativity, others find it to be a calming experience, and a good portion enjoys learning about gardening, plants, and flowers.

The healing power of nature is not anecdotal. When we immerse ourselves in natural surroundings, our body gets “nurtured.” Some researchers found that walking among plants enhances our immune system. The closer our relationship is with plants, the higher the physical, emotional and intellectual benefits. Earth is a beautiful planet. Its beauty can be appreciated from many points of view, either looking at the sunset through the window in one of the luxurious Pier Village Long Branch Condos for Sale or visiting a botanical garden. And not only gardens but farms as well. Simply by doing something out of the ordinary, you are stimulating your brain. Here are some of the benefits of visiting a farm:

  • You get to go outside. Sure, you get out to buy groceries, perhaps run errands. This is different. You can easily enjoy nature, take a breath of fresh air.
  • Forget about problems and relax. When was the last time you sat on the ground? When you visit a farm, you clear your mind. By simply admiring the animals and vegetation, your mind drifts away from stress and worries.
  • The perks of doing nothing. Our busy lives sometimes make us forget about the beauty of our surroundings. Instead of hearing traffic and honking, you can close your eyes and listen to birds singing, and animals walking around.

Fortunately, you can visit many gardens and farms if you live in one of the Pier Village Long Branch Condos for Sale. Here are some of the best:

  • Asbury fresh –farmers market. Like many of its type, this market was born out of one pure desire: to bring fresh, artisan food, and handmade goods to downtown Asbury Park. That dream materialized in 2012, and since then, it has become one of the largest farmers markets and local producers in the Jersey Area. In 2016, they rebranded as Fresh Markets to reflect their mission in a better way. They are keen on helping people who want to start a Fresh market in their communities. For further information, directions and contact details, you can visit their website.
  • The Virginia A. Cory Community Garden. A group of volunteers –based at Monmouth University –took on the School of Social work effort and started this community garden. With the assistance of a committee of gardeners and the university, they aim to improve the community. And what better way than gardens! The members are varied: from students, faculty, community volunteers, master gardeners, and corporate sponsors. They provide an opportunity for participants to grow their own produce, abiding by organic practices. They also donate their food to individuals in need channeled through local non-profit organizations. If that wasn’t admirable enough, the garden serves as a place for students to conduct learning practices. If you are interested in visiting them, give a donation and get to know more about this outstanding place, check out their website.
  • Smiling earth farm: Who is not a fan of mushrooms? They make our pizzas and salads even more delicious. But, what’s the art behind growing them? This urban farm claims you don’t need acres of land to grow nutritious, healthy, and delicious food. Their motto? Food shouldn’t travel a lot before it is set on your table. They are committed to growing organic mushrooms, and they supply local restaurants and the public. They do not use fungicides, pesticides, or any other fertilizing product when harvesting mushrooms. If you pay them a visit, you will be able to admire the entire process through their grow room with windows. You can expect an enhancement of your eco-consciousness; plus, you can purchase some of their delectable products! If you’re interested in learning more about this urban farm, you can visit their website.
  • Brock Farms. There’s nothing more uplifting and inspiring than learning a triumphant story about a family business based on real American values. Ed Brock was a family man who started his company at the tender age of 8 –picking and selling blueberries at a roadside. He inherited the love of the land, farming, and gardening from his parents, who pushed him to pursue his passion. He opened Brocks Farms in the early 1950s; the business was a success, and since then, he has dedicated himself to producing the most excellent bedding plants and flowers. Now, Ed senior, along with his wife and children, continue the dream. For over sixty years, Brocks Farms take pride in valuing their customers, supplying great products and exceeding customer expectations in terms of quality and service. But Brock’s Farm is far from reaching a plateau as they are in constant search of new techniques to craft beautiful landscapes. To learn more about the Brocks, click here.
  • Maple Leaf Farms. If you are a lucky owner of one of Pier Village Long Branch Condos for Sale, then you know that a mere look at sunset through your window suffices to provide a breathtaking array of colors from nature. Well, at Maple Leaf Farms, you experience something similar. But, the experience does not reduce to a wide variety of plants as Maple Leaf Farms offers a whole experience. You can relax to country music as you stroll happily through their nursey filled with aromatic deciduous, conifers, and ornamental trees. Not to mention they grow more than 300 acres of shrubs and trees. There’s a greenhouse entirely devoted to offering perennials, tropicals, and annuals. To finish your excellent experience, you can delight yourself at their Sweet Shop that offers fudge, apple cider donuts, and other sweet treats. For the nostalgic type, they also have jams, syrups, and all-time favorite candy. One of the Largest Garden Centers and Gifts Shop in the U.S.A. with Amazing prices and incredible quality. If you’ve never been there and are curious about the farm, click here.
  • JMJ Farm. It was 1997 when JMJ Farm began its operations serving wholesale and retail customers with a fantastic greenery array. The farm stocks a wide variety and excellent inventory evergreens, shrubs, flowering and shade trees, ornamentals, and perennials, as well as hardscapes to complement and beautify any landscape project. Want to learn more about the farm, go here.

Visiting gardens and farms proves to be a terrific idea just for the pleasure of it. Nonetheless, if you like gardening, you can start pursuing your passion on a small scale. As one of the farm owners states, all you need is a space with light and water.

Gardening is also a way of exercising, as it helps to lubricate our joints and increase mobility. It keeps the mind calm while stimulating blood circulation and improving balance and coordination.

There’s a certain magic associated with gardening. Something between hope, opportunity, and the amazement that comes from witnessing life growing. It is to build beauty yourself –literally! Physicians, phycologists, and therapists assert on the positive impact of gardening. It is empowering, stress-reducing, and a trigger for positive thoughts and an overall better attitude.

You may be aware of the many amenities Pier Village Long Branch Condos for Sale have. You may have seen the restaurants around it, the variety of shops, the yachts, and the glamourous life surrounding Pier Village. But the area has plenty to offer to nature lovers as well. The beach is always the obvious answer. There’s more than what meets the eye. These gardens and farms are just a taste of the many experiences locals can enjoy. You can call it a fun day and go for a visit. And who knows? Maybe the gardener in you will finally take a chance, and you can explore your creativity and become an expert of the land!




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