These Plants Bring Fresh Air and Natural Aesthetic to Your Jersey Shore Condos!

Want to liven up your home with a fresh, natural vibe? Plants are one of the ultimate in interior design accentuations, because they can marry so well with any style. But that’s just the surface layer of why we love plants: house plants provide a plethora of benefits, including toxin removal, humidification of your space, oxygen creation, as well as a graceful, calming beauty. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite plants that you can use to enliven your Jersey Shore condos at The Lofts Pier Village today!

Benefits of Having Plants in the Home

Plants provide us with nearly everything we need to survive: air, food, fibers, medicine, shelter, shade, and a hospitable earth on which we live. It’s practically inevitable that we wind up taking these green beings for granted since they are so entwined into our lives we practically cease to notice.  However, in light of the incredible gifts listed above, perhaps it is not so surprising that bringing plants into our Jersey Shore condos has plenty of incredible health benefits as well:

Improved Air Quality: For example, while we all know that plants absorb carbon dioxide and “breathe” back out oxygen, providing us with the very air we need for our existence. But did you know that plants also remove toxins from our air? According to NASA, keeping a plant in your home can reduce up to 87% of the toxins in your living space!

How do plants remove toxins? They actually pull volatile organic compounds (such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene) into the soil where they convert them into food. Many of these toxic compounds are found in common household items, such as rugs, fibres and paints!

Invite some plants into your Jersey Shore condos and breathe fresher air!

Hot Tip: Many plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen durin the day when photosynthesis is active, but reverse the process at night. Other plants, such as succulents, orchids and epiphytic bromeliads, on the other hand, provide oxygen all the night long.  For constantly renewed air, be sure to include some of these nighttime oxygen providing buddies in your home.

Humidification: Besides refreshing the air we breathe, plants also add humidity to the environment. They do this by absorbing water and then releasing up to 97% of it back into the world. Bringing plants into a dry climate can help with respiratory problems, dry skin and sore throats. They also keep the space cooler!

Uplifting: Plenty of studies have been done that show that having plants around an indoor space decreases stress, anxiety and fatigue. In fact, studies have shown that patients heal more quickly in rooms with plants, while workers get sick less often and students work with more focus when plants are incorporated into the space.

And those incredible benefits don’t even touch on the fact that caring for a plant can create a sense of nurturing and even friendship.  Developing a relationship with a plant can be incredibly fulfilling for many people, and in effect improves overall life quality.


Plants in Interior DesignJersey Shore Condos

If you’re wondering how to design your Jersey Shore condos, consider this: in a shift towards natural aesthetics, plants are seriously trending as a design choice. In the world of interior design, there are endless ways to incorporate these organic beings. If you want to bring the outdoors indoors, plants are an obvious ally. They are also something of a mascot for the healthy lifestyle, both reflecting and inspiring a vitality in life.

Plants can fit a wide variety of aesthetic styles. They can be used to accent a space, or they can act as the centerpiece to a room.

Do you have a minimalist space? A beautiful plant can act as a standalone art piece, like a sculpture. Do you prefer the bohemian look? Bedeck your home with lots of hanging plants that trail over shelves and bookcases.

Whether you want a simple and sophisticated aesthetic or are looking to create a sense of the wild and untamed, plants can help. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of plants to choose from—so have fun browsing them and choose the ones that will fit your look! Or, alternatively, let the plants you are drawn to inspire the arrangement of a room.


Liven up your Jersey Shore condos with these green house plants!



If you’re new to plants, succulents can make great beginner plants, because they are independent and don’t need a ton of attention. Succulent means juicy and these plants are certainly that—they store water and nutrients in their leaves and stems, helping them to survive harsh conditions. The glossy or leathery texture of many of these plants actually reflect the plants ability to protect against moisture loss in dry environments.

There are plenty of succulents to choose from, with a variety of shapes, textures and sizes—whether you want a tiny pot of green for your kitchen counter or something a bit more awe-inspiring.

Aloe is a popular house succulent, as it is a great healing plant and super practical—if you burn yourself, for example, just snip off a bit of the leaf and dab the goo on your burned skin. It will soothe your skin and help you heal.

Another great choice is Pearly Dots (Haworthia margaritifera), a South African relative of the Aloe plant. These visually stunning plants have small white dots or “buttons” that cover the surface of the leaves. They like indirect light (direct light will make them shrivel) and require minimum watering.

Burro’s tail (Sedum morganianum) is a unique, trailing succulent that is great for a hanging basket or on the edge of a shelf where it can trail it’s tendrils.



Cactuses are similar to succulents in character, but are rather more intimidating with their pointed spikes. Cactuses, like succulents, come in a great variety of shapes, sizes and colors and can add fabulous texture to a space.

Pincushion cacti (Mammillaria) are a popular ball shaped cacti from Mexico and you can keep them rather small. They create beautiful flowers that are a wonderful accent for your home. They like strong, direct light and like their soil to nearly dry out between waterings. In the winter you can withhold water altogether.

If you want a bigger cactus specimen, check out the African Milk Tree (Euphorbia tigona), which can grow up to 8 feet tall—though they usually don’t grow past 4 feet indoors.  These cactuses grow unusual green or purple leaves between their thorns, making them especially eye catching.


BromeliadsJersey Shore Condos

Bromeliads are another type of plant that make for excellent house plants. They provide a unique burst of color for your home space, but are still easy to care for. These exotic plants come from the tropics, where they frequently live as epiphytes, or plants that grow on other plants and trees without bein parasitic—they just like the companionship, and want to get closer to the sun! These gorgeous plants grow in rosettes around a central cup of sort. They often produce fabulous flowers toward the end of their lives.

Aechmea fasciata, for example, is a Bromeliad that produces huge, fantastically pointed pink flowers that are a wonder to behold. Don’t be sad when they die, because they produce babies with which you can keep these plants going for a long time!


Other Fabulous House Plants

Snake Plant, AKA Mother in Law’s Tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata) are one of the most popular house plants out there because they are incredibly beautiful and incredibly hardy. They require very little attention and can put up with a fair amount of abuse. They also give off oxygen at night, making them great for the bedroom and they are also adept at removing formaldehyde and benzene toxins from the air.

These exotic plants have dark green, patterned leaves with sharp points that “snake” up to the heavens. These plants do just fine when ignored, though they thrive on attention, and can grow up to 5 feet tall over the years when properly cared for. They like indirect light and well draining soil.

Chamaedorea is a species of palm with classic, arched palm fronds. They work great for Jersey Shore condos, because they bring in that beachy vibe. Nicknamed “parlour palm” because of their popularity as indoor plants, these beautiful plants from Mexico will thrive in most locations in your home.

Corn Plant (Dracaena fragrans) A tall houseplant with a thick trunk and lots of big, branching leaves, these plants don’t need much attention to thrive. They can even sprout tiny, white flowers if cared for.

If you want a classic hanging plant, try Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) with its tendrils of heart shaped leaves, or Spider Plant, with its light green leaf bunches of dangling in cute clumps. Both are easy to maintain and make good use of vertical space.

If you love flowers (and who doesn’t?), Shamrock Plant is a happy plant with bright, clover shaped leaves and tall white flowers.

In Summary

Don’t be shy about adding plants to your Jersey Shore condos at The Lofts Pier Village—they will brighten your space and add a touch of nature and elegance to your environment.