Why Real Estate at Pier Village is a Great Long-Term Investment

One of the first pieces of financial advice that most people receive is to buy property. It is a long-standing way to ensure profitability over time. Investing in real estate, however, isn’t easy. There are many decisions that need to be made when you finally decide to invest in real estate. Pier Village in Long Branch, New Jersey is a luxury condominium complex that is offering unique long-term financial opportunities to buyers. For homebuyers looking to “buy and hold”, a popular investment strategy, these condominiums are a great option. The opportunity for investing in real estate Pier Village offers is unbeatable and here’s why.

What is “buy and hold” investing strategy?

“Buy and hold” investing means purchasing a rental property or other investment property with the intent to hold onto it for a long time. The long-term hold can yield multiple benefits for the owner. This strategy helps protect investors from housing price fluctuations when selling the property for a quick profit.

2 tips for success

If you plan on going through with a “buy and hold” strategy for investing in real estate at Pier Village, consider two important factors.

First, think about your long-term plan for the property.  You should have an idea as to how long you plan to hold a property. Do this before you scout out locations or rental markets in which to invest. This can be a crucial step.  Analyze the costs around maintaining the property monthly and figure out how long you can keep the property comfortably.  Remember that choosing a property based on affordability alone does not necessarily make it a good investment. In other words, make sure the property is a good fit for your portfolio and investment style.

Second, consider the property’s long-term potential. Is it in an area that typically yields high demand? Is the community around the property flourishing? Luckily, the Jersey shore is always in demand. Especially as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the value of beachfront properties is at an all-time high. Remember that markets do fluctuate, but finding a property that you can purchase at market value or lower can ultimately yield high returns in the long run.

Why Pier Village?

The Lofts Pier Village offers long-term financial benefits that other condominium complexes just can’t match. Consider the potential tax savings available with our 30-year PILOT program. Note that right now, as of November 2021, there are historically low mortgage rates. Additionally, the location represents an opportunity to live by the sea.  Pier Village is a hot summer destination, as well. The location offers unbeatable amenities, including shopping centers, beaches, restaurants, bars, and others, to make living in the area worthwhile. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, inquire about renting the property out to others. If you aren’t planning on living in the condo year-round, renting it out while you are away is a great way to make extra money.

At The Lofts Pier Village, you’ll benefit from the following. 

  • 30-year tax abatement savings
  • Location in an opportunity zone
  • Option to rent seasonally or yearly
  • Rapid expansion and development in Long Branch, NJ
  • Prime location with unbeatable views

Learn more today

The opportunity to invest in real estate Pier Village offers is high. With so many added benefits, including a desirable location, tax benefits, and luxury amenities, investors can’t miss this property. To learn more about The Lofts Pier Village, contact our team today and schedule a property tour.

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