A Breakdown of Pier Village Real Estate: What to Expect & Pricing

Pier Village Beach in Long Branch, New Jersey is a great place to purchase real estate. This community, located in Long Branch, New Jersey along the Atlantic Ocean, offers an opportunity to build a unique beach lifestyle in New Jersey. Since opening its doors in 2005, Pier Village has offered fine dining, boutique shopping, and other unbeatable amenities to thousands of people in the area. In addition, there are hundreds of modern lofts available for purchase for those people who want to make a permanent investment. This area of the Jersey Shore is in high demand, which makes purchasing a condominium a great long-term investment. You can expect high ROI from investing in Pier Village real estate. 

About Pier Village Beach

For those people looking to have a permanent view of the sea in Long Branch, The Lofts Pier Village is the perfect place. Pier Village has something for everything. There is a boutique chocolatier, a family game room, the perfect eclectic dress shop, and more. As a resident, you can indulge in a relaxing beach day, a much-needed workout, and retail therapy all in one spot. New signature restaurants continue to join Pier Village’s popular dining destinations. This includes Wave Resort’s, 100 Ocean, and Ebb’s Coastal Kitchen. There are springtime art fairs, Fourth of July fireworks, and fall concerts under the gazebo. In short, Pier Village offers a yearly calendar of events for the entire family. Here is a community for every season, with an ocean view in Long Branch that remains beautiful throughout the year.

The property itself features over 500 separate modern residences that are in high demand. For investors looking to purchase a luxury condominium, this is a prime opportunity. 

Why Choose Pier Village?

Many variables determine whether a beachfront condo is worth the financial investment. Before choosing your future home, ask the management team about possible tax savings. There are often opportunities for owners to save money this way. You should also inquire about the opportunities the location presents. Is it a good long-term investment? Is the location in high demand? If so, then it presents many opportunities now and in the future. Additionally, make sure the location offers enough amenities, including shopping centers, beaches, restaurants, bars, and others, to make it worth your while. Finally, ask whether you can rent the condo out to others. If you aren’t planning on living in the condo year-round, renting it out while you are away is a great way to make extra money.

At The Lofts Pier Village, you’ll benefit from the following. 

  • 30-year tax abatement savings
  • Location in an opportunity zone
  • Option to rent seasonally or yearly
  • Rapid expansion and development in Long Branch, NJ
  • Prime location with unbeatable views

Tell me more about tax abatement savings.

Depending on the unit type you purchase at The Lofts Pier Village, you could save thousands of dollars with our tax pilot program. For example, if you purchase a single bedroom condo with approximately 870 square feet for $589,000, you could save around $8,000 in Year 1 and around $240,000 by Year 30.  The savings only continue to increase as you purchase a larger condo on the property. Pier Village real estate offers this unique opportunity to invest to everyone who buys a residence on the property.

  • 2 Bedroom Condo – with a sale price of $950,000 – equals over $13,000 savings in Year 1 and over $400,000 in savings by Year 30.
  • 3 Bedroom Condo – with a sale price of $1,500,000 – equals over $23,000 in savings in Year 1 and over $600,000 in savings by Year 30.
  • 4 Bedroom Condo – with a  sale price of $1,710,000 – equals over $26,000 in savings in Year 1 and over $700,000 in savings by Year 30.

Please note that these examples are estimates and should not be relied upon for accuracy as actual savings may vary. For the purpose of this estimate, the sales price of each unit was used as the market value assessment and the current tax rate was applied to 100% percent of value in order to calculate what first-year property taxes would be without an abatement.

The Lofts Pier Village: A Luxury Investment

Before you choose to invest your money in Pier Village real estate, consider the long-term financial benefits. The Lofts Pier Village in Long Branch, NJ offers endless reasons why you should buy. Owning a condo in this part of New Jersey can change your lifestyle for the better. At these beach condos in Monmouth County,  there are countless indoor and outdoor amenities as well as services provided to the residents. In the lofts themselves, as well as throughout the entire community, you’ll never tire of your surroundings. Between the beautiful sea views and the bustling shore town, you’ll find everything you need here. Even more significant, the tax benefits, as well as the overall pricing, are unbeatable. The Lofts Pier Village offers an all-inclusive, resort-inspired life. To learn more about the amenities at The Lofts, contact the sales center today! 

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