Pier Village Presents Open Air Summer Activities & Jersey Shore Condos for Sale!

New Jersey is an incredible place to be when summer comes around because of all the fun experiences that await you at every turn. With a coastline more than 130 miles long and beaches and boardwalks galore, Jersey Shore is one of its top attractions. Some beaches are quiet and peaceful, while others are more social and full of activity. The boardwalks are lined with a variety of entertainment and amusement to delight anyone.

It’s not hard to imagine the years of loving labor that have gone into the Shore, thanks to the heritage buildings and historical sites that take you back in time. And what about natural beauty? Outdoor enthusiasts can choose from forest trails, extensive lakes, or flowing streams to get their fix. These prime zones offer opportunities for swimming, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, camping, and much more!

The cherry on top? A strong culture around food and drink—the Jersey Shore is known for its great seafood restaurants—and a top notch shopping experience across the many towns that pepper the coast.

If you’re interested in living in a place with easy access to all these endless opportunities, look no further: there are some fantastic Pier Village condos for sale at The Lofts Pier Village. Pier Village offers a wide variety of entertainment and relaxation for the entire family, whether you are a resident or a visitor.

Read more to find out why Pier Village is fondly called the best-kept secret of the Jersey Shore by its residents!  


Pier Village Presents Open Air Summer Activities

Pier Village is a unique beachfront community offering the high quality of life that is the epitome of the best qualities for which New Jersey is known. The village, designed to reflect Victorian-era community planning, features over 30 premiere restaurants, shops, and services. Furthermore, it’s fueled by an active and thriving community of people who want to soak in the beachfront lifestyle.

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Summer in Pier Village is a treat for the entire family with lots of activities taking place at the Festival Plaza to occupy your days. Here is what you can expect and why they are so special.


Farmer’s Market

One look at the exciting spread of fruits and vegetables at the Pier Village “Fresh Farmers and Artisan Market” and you’ll begin to imagine their taste in your mouth. Much of the produce you find here is seasonal and at the peak of their ripeness, often picked the very morning you visit. You might even come across some exotic species you won’t see in your usual supermarket’s produce section.

You can be sure our local farmers are particular about their farming methods. Strike up a conversation with a vendor and learn about nutrition, growing, and processing practices. For many of them, organic food is not merely a slap-on sticker but a way of life. Put their produce to the test in your cooking and you’ll likely be amazed at the difference in texture and the burst of flavor.

And that’s just the raw food.

Also on display in the market are homemade foods, flowers, handcrafted goods, and organic bath and body products. Feast on the new sights and flavors and let the creative works serve as inspiration. The overwhelming support from the community, which keeps the local industry growing, speaks to the quality of products at the stands. And in return, these talented artists continue to offer customers superior alternatives to regular mass-produced goods.

On a final note, Pier Village Fresh Markets is a fun place to meet other members of the community. The live music adds to the vibe, providing a fun soundtrack. Don’t forget to visit the rescue and adoptions stall in case you are interested. The market takes place on Saturdays from 10:30 am.

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Summer Movie Series

On days when the formal atmosphere of an indoor theater or cinema doesn’t quite cut it, an outdoor film experience might be just what you need. In the summer time, it’s always nice to spend the evenings under the open sky—and if you have a house full of kids, an outdoor film is the perfect way to both get them out of the house and provide entertainment at the same time.

Pier Village holds outdoor showings of hit Hollywood films for a lighthearted and relaxed evening—with none of the expenses you accrue going to a movie theatre. Sing-alongs are not uncommon. We don’t know who enjoys the loosening of the rules more—kids or parents?

While the movie lineup is specially selected to thrill the whole family, it’s just a tiny aspect of a great outdoor evening. Lounge in the grass just as the sun is going down and the sweltering heat is replaced by the cool summer breeze. The beautiful backdrop beats the dark and cramped cinema on any good day. Plus, the opportunity to enjoy deep breaths of fresh air while you snuggle up with loved ones is just what the doctor ordered.

After the movie ends, chat with new friends. It’s another reason people say they keep coming back—the chance to connect!

You could always make the film screening the finale to a whole day affair:  begin by perusing the many shops and indulge in a game of skee ball at the famous arcade, Boardwalk Fun N’ Games. Then continue with a reservation at one of the many restaurants featuring al fresco dining for a prime movie viewing spot.

Movies begin at dusk every Wednesday. Bring your favorite chair, snacks, and drinks.

If family and community living is important to you, and you appreciate being close to prime beaches and amenities, you might want to consider these Pier Village condos for sale at The Lofts Pier Village. You’ll get to indulge in the relaxation of beach life and the pleasure of community


Summer Music Concert Series Featuring The Best Of Tribute Bands

Those who want to escape back in time to the golden days of music will have a blast watching talented tribute bands perform at the plaza. As a matter of fact, watching tribute bands perform is an extremely popular pastime. You can enjoy a wide variety of acts for the Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Donna, and more to satisfy those nostalgic cravings.

Feel the emotions of your youth or childhood again—or introduce your children and grandchildren to music you enjoyed. Musicians deck costumes and stage personas with great attention to detail as they deliver timeless hits. They almost make you forget you are not watching the real thing!

Bring your dancing shoes every Monday at 7 pm for authentic sounds and an amazing experience. Everyone is welcome!


Outdoor Yoga

We know how hard it is to relax from the bustle of life, and that’s why Pier Village offers outdoor yoga classes in summer.

Yoga is well known for rejuvenating bodies and calming minds. Combine it with time spent out in the open and what you have is an incredible stimulation and awakening of the senses. The smell of the ocean breeze, the sight of the beautiful blue sky, the sounds of chirping birds, and the feel of our body as it moves from one pose to the next help us feel revitalized and connected to our surroundings.

Your heart and lungs will thank you as you are encouraged to breathe deeply and focus on your balance and movement. A wonderful side effect is the clearing of your mind from worries, which is excellent for your mental and emotional well being.

Classes are complimentary and we invite people of all fitness levels to enjoy the benefits of outdoor practice—whether you are a beginner or an accomplished Yogi. Bring along your mat every morning at 8 am and don’t forget the sunscreen! Should inclement weather strike, the class moves in-store at 80 Ocean Avenue.

If you are ready for a change of pace and don’t want to pass up on these types of experiences anymore, there are some fantastic Pier Village condos for sale at The Lofts Pier Village. Living here puts you at the center of the best of everything NJ has to offer!


Family Fun Night at The Plaza

Enjoy an evening full of entertainment for the whole family! Take your pick of inflatable obstacle courses, bounce houses, slides, and a wide array of offerings at the Boardwalk Fun N’ Games, for games the old and young will love. As usual, there will be treats and snacks for sale—or if you prefer a more formal restaurant sit-down, that is always an option as well.


Spend the Summer at Pier Village

Summertime in New Jersey is for fun and activity—and in Pier Village, we emphasize your health and wellbeing by providing wholesome experiences for everyone to enjoy. We hope you’ll spend some time with us!

For more information about viewing available Pier Village condos for sale, head to www.theloftspiervillage.com.