What You Should Know Before Buying NJ Beachfront Condos

If you’re looking to make an investment in property, consider the beach. Waterfront or beachfront property is always in high demand and therefore, the value of the property can only improve. NJ beachfront condos represent an incredible opportunity for major ROI over the next several years. The difficulties and events of 2019 and 2020 have left many people reconsidering where they want to spend their lives. As a result, the value of coastal properties has skyrocketed. With the right condominium in the right community, investors stand to make a huge profit from an investment in the marketplace today. However, before you sign on the dotted line, there are a few things you should know about the property you choose. We’ve outlined important questions you should ask before investing, as well as factors to consider about the property itself. Read on to learn more.

Questions to Ask Before Buying NJ Beachfront Condos

After you tour the prospective property, take advantage of the opportunity to sit down with the property manager. At this meeting, you should ask as many questions as you can. It will enable you to make a smarter buying decision and possibly, save you money in the long run. In other words, the more information you have prior to choosing an NJ beachfront condo, the better. Consider asking the following questions to inform your final decision.

  • Are there HOA fees? If so, what do they cover?
  • Do you have testimonials available from current residents?
  • Are there pet restrictions?
  • Are there any tax advantage programs that I can use?
  • Do I still need to purchase insurance?
  • What are the rules on the property?
  • How noisy is the property?
  • Can I rent my property out to others?
  • How well have the condos sold in the community in the past?
  • How many residences are still available?
  • Is there anything else that you, as the manager, feel I should know about the property?

Factors to Consider

The following factors should play a role when finalizing your decision to buy a condominium. Make sure you ask the property manager the above questions and consider the factors below. This will ensure the best ROI possible in the future.

HOA Factors

  • HOA Fees. When you choose to live, in a condominium complex, often that means that there is an additional cost of Homeowners Association fees. Consider this added cost before you finalize your decision. Can you afford these additional fees? What do they cover? Typically, these costs cover the maintenance of the property, however, there could be other details you are paying into. Discuss any concerns you have with your realtor and the property manager. 
  • HOA Regulations. Living in a property managed by an HOA means following the set of rules in place for the property.  For some people, this can be a nuisance. In some instances, however, they are rare, it could hinder the sort of lifestyle you want to live. In other words, these regulations can be somewhat limiting in certain scenarios. What specific rules are in place? How will they affect your life? Ask yourself these questions first.

Property Factors

  • Maintenance. One of the added bonuses of living in a condo complex is that maintenance is usually handled for you. Under the watchful eye of the HOA board, a lot of the property work is handled by professionals you do not need to worry about. While this is usually considered a major plus, some people want to be able to fix and manage their property themselves. Are you okay with having other people manage the maintenance of your property for you?
  • Amenities and Services. Before buying, consider your needs and the needs of future residents when you’re looking to sell. These future buyers may need to have handicap access, which legally, all condo complexes must provide. It can’t hurt to inquire about this before signing on. Additionally, your future buyers (as well as yourself!) will likely be interested in the amenities and quality services offered by the community. Do you want a pool? Do you want 24-hour security? Which of these services and amenities hold the highest priority for you? Make sure the place you buy has everything you need.

Bonus Factors

  • Location. Finally, location is key. Consider proximity to the nearest public transit, as well as hospitals and other public necessities. Are you near a bustling community with restaurants and entertainment, as well? The NJ beachfront condo you choose should be near every community resource that you might need.

The Lofts Pier Village: An Unbeatable Investment Opportunity

The truth is that not all properties are created equal. Before choosing NJ beachfront condos to invest your money in, consider the long-term financial benefits. The Lofts Pier Village in Long Branch, NJ offers endless reasons why you should buy. At these modern beach condos in Monmouth county, services, as well as indoor and outdoor amenities abound. In the residences themselves, as well as throughout the entire complex, no matter how long you live here, you’ll never tire of your surroundings. Additionally, the available tax benefits, as well as the overall pricing, are unbeatable in the area. The Lofts Pier Village offers an all-inclusive, resort-inspired life. To learn more about the amenities at The Lofts, contact the sales center today! 

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