Living by the ocean is a shared dream for millions of Americans. There are many who seek Jersey Shore beach condos for sale, and other locations as well. Why? Beachside communities are the epitome of a relaxed, happy way of life. Contrary to popular belief, however, many beach towns are suitable for everyday life — and easy on the wallet. The trick is to find a reputable community and the perfect property. Like never before, thanks to these challenging times and a worldwide pandemic, people long for trips to the beach and the opportunity to stay in a safe, healthy, and relaxing environment.

And while beaches across the country were closed, the first ones allowed to step onto the shores when they open are the residents, such as those at The Lofts Pier Village, the best Jersey Shore beach condos for sale. Residents of beach towns, unlike the rest of the population, enjoy the advantages of living in a less crowded community. This provides respite from the crisis, and it represents an opportunity to live a more “normal” life under much better circumstances. 

Beach towns are one of the most preferred spots for people during the holidays. However, during these visits, guests are lured to the outside attractions, such as restaurants, bars, and the beach, and do not have the time to enjoy the many amenities these affluent communities have to offer. It will not be a surprise when many occasional visitors or temporary residents move away from rental properties and opt for the smarter choice: a permanent property within a safe and beautiful community. 

Undoubtedly, one of the current best options are the Jersey Shore beach condos for sale –especially The Lofts Pier Village. Jersey Shore has all the perks and the feeling of a small town. Residents and visitors agree on one thing: it has a unique charm to it. The beach is beautiful and clean and there’s always something fun to do. 

Long Branch offers all sorts of water activities that turn anyoneʼs summer into an unforgettable adventure: fishing, surfing, and taking yacht rides are some of the localsʼ favorites. Thereʼs a wide array of restaurants in the area, varying from upscale cuisine to your most beloved burger joint. Another great advantage, named by the locals, is the proximity to other popular places and more crowded cities. A recently-moved resident expresses it like this: “It is different to be secluded than to be isolated. I absolutely love the peace and quiet I get here. But knowing that the city or other options to spend the weekend are an hour in commute is awesome.” 

What are the real advantages of living in a beach town? 

  • Sunrises and Sunsets. It is hard to put a dollar value on the opportunity of witnessing fantastic sunsets and sunrises. There’s a restorative feeling involved in watching the Sun go up and down every day. Sure, not every one of these will be worth capturing on a photo, but your chances of seeing anything similar in the city are slim. 
  • Ionized Air. We all have the perception that living nearby the ocean leads to a healthier life. This perception is based on a scientific fact: the sea creates more negative ions in the air. To put it simpler: the ocean turns the atmosphere into something similar to what is also found in waterfalls and forests. This negatively ionized air creates a relaxed ambiance in which people feel well. 
  • Walks on the Beach. It has been said more than once; we need daily doses of exercise to keep our bodies and minds healthy. Even a 30-minute walk or jog per day can make a difference. And all of this can be done in the city, with certain limitations. For starters: traffic. A steady flow of cars makes it a little less safe to go biking or jogging, not to mention the level of decompression is not remotely the same. Living in a beach town, the water, and the sand are never far away.
  • Local Festivals and events. Current times not withstanding, beach towns generally translate to a full calendar of fun events throughout the year, one that pleases every taste and hobby. Long Branch is not the exception; every year, residents and visitors attend craft fairs, wine and food truck festivals, comedy shows, concerts, beer tastings, and many other fantastic events. There is a lot to look forward to when things open back up! 
  • Excellent food and beverage. Anyone seeking jersey shore beach condos for sale has noticed the great offerings the town has in the food and beverage department. There are Italian, international and all- American cuisines present – but it would be crazy not to mention the seafood. Where else will you get freshly prepared daily seafood, if not here? 

Many of the advantages of living near the ocean cannot be monetized. To be in a safe, luxurious community, with a gym and all sorts of amenities included, cannot be summarized in a number. Nonetheless, one of the significant advantages of getting a property in the New Jersey shore is that it is an excellent investment. 

The Lofts Pier Village –the best jersey shore condos for sale 

This 245-unit luxury condominium community redefines shore living, offering new residents a spot smack in the middle of all the action during the winter and all year long. The project captured the coveted Community of the Year award at the New Jersey Builders Association’s prestigious Sales and Marketing (SAM) Awards Program in 2019. 

Nearly 50,000 square feet of new retail and restaurant space also will complement the 70 shops and restaurants already located along the pier. The villageʼs hand-crafted, vintage carousel features a retractable glass encasement and heating, allowing families to enjoy the unique attraction no matter the weather. Despite being a hot spot during the summer months, the place offers great fun during the winter too! 

The models will give prospective buyers a chance to view the meticulously designed, luxury condominiums. The units range in size from one to four bedrooms – all complete with the most exquisite finishes, top-of-the-line appliances, floor-to-ceiling windows, and spacious terraces. For those used to living in more cramped spaces in the city, walking around these apartments will make you feel in paradise. 

The community is awash in amenities, including everything from a pet washing station to towel service at the expansive pool deck. The second-floor amenities deck, where the pool is located, overlooks the ocean and features lounge areas, fire pits, a bar, grilling areas, and other places to enjoy the outdoors, winter and summer. 

The Lofts also features 24-hour security, concierge service, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. The screening and game rooms and residents’ lounge, with a fully equipped catering kitchen, give residents plenty of choices for entertaining family and friends at any time of the year. 

The Lofts buyers can be sure that they are getting state-of-the-art construction from the high-end finishes to the quality of the building materials. 

And it’s all conveniently located. One of the Jersey Shore’s most northern beaches, Long Branch, is a transportation hub. Options include the NJ Transit train station, located one-half mile from The Lofts Pier Village, with trains providing direct service to North Jersey and New York City. The Garden State Parkway is just minutes away. Not only are these units accessible, but they’re also affordable, with a unique property tax reduction for the first 30 years for savvy buyers, saving thousands of dollars annually on local taxes — unusual savings for a community being constructed by one of Manhattanʼs most respected builders. 

Residents of the community have expressed their satisfaction upon their investment. They often state they are happy with the place. They compliment the quality of the finishes, the kitchen, and the rest of the rooms. Ideally situated in the heart of Pier Village, The Lofts Pier Village offers a front-row seat to all the attractions and events that have made the Victorian-inspired village one of the Jersey Shore’s most popular year-round destinations. 

With more than 30 restaurants, shops, and services, Pier Village provides both convenience and entertainment to The Lofts residents. No doubt, this crisis has made us rethink many things –among those, it made us reflect on how we spend our days. The Lofts Pier Village have been a godsend for those lucky enough to have endured these challenging days in a luxury condo, with many options to spend their time comfortably. 

There’s a saying that claims that the ocean takes all of our troubles away. The Lofts Pier Village –the best Jersey Shore condos for sale –is ready to wash away your problems and bestow an opportunity for a life of style, comfort, peace, and healthy living. Isn’t that the ultimate dream?

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