Make Your New Jersey Beach Condos Eco Friendly!

Recent studies show that 79% of Americans think eco-friendly living is essential. When people think about going green, they often assume this is associated with a bothersome lifestyle—or even with high investments. Newsflash: you do not need to purchase a hybrid car to be eco-friendly! Small, simple changes in your everyday life can reduce your footprint considerably. 

If you happen to be living in one of the stunning New Jersey beach condos –such as The Lofts Pier Village – you may find the following 7 tips useful, as they’ll help to make your lovely condo an eco-friendly haven!


1. Use LED Lighting and Energy-Efficient Appliances.

One of the easiest ways to reduce energy is by replacing conventional bulbs with LED or CFL, both of which are energy-saving. According to data from the U.S. Department of Energy, LEDs last 25 times longer than conventional lighting and use 75 percent less energy. Merely replacing light bulbs will make you not just more eco-conscious, but will also save you money.

Another way to reduce energy and cost in your home is by utilizing Energy Star-rated appliances. Energy Star appliances meet strict energy efficiency criteria set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. If you are living at The Lofts Pier Village –the very best New Jersey beach condos –you will not have to worry about an energy-efficient dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, since these appliances are already included among the many amenities provided. 


2. Cook at home

The Lofts Pier Village condos have beautiful kitchens that make it easy to cook at home. Whether you want to impress guests or make a simple meal for yourself and your family, cooking in your own kitchen nature-friendly too! The reason is quite simple: restaurants usually serve more substantial portions than meals taken at home. Furthermore, in order to stay in line with government health and safety laws, and to ensure all food is fresh, ample quantities of food get thrown away in restaurant kitchens. In fact, a staggering 50% of all the food that is prepared in American restaurants goes to waste! When we cook in our house, on the other hand, the amount of food that goes to waste is minimal or none.

And since we’re on the topic of cooking at home, here’s an extra energy saving tip you can utilize in your kitchen: the pressure cooker! Did you know that using a pressure cooker is not only an inexpensive, fast, and convenient way to fix a delicious and healthy meal, but it is also an eco-friendly practice?

Pressure-cookers use less than 70 percent energy than other kitchen appliances. Meals or hard cuts of meat that could take hours to be ready using a standard pot can be on your dinner table in less than 15 minutes! Picture this: after a fun, busy day, you get home just in time to watch the stunning sunset while dinner gets ready in minutes…Pretty dreamy, right? Pressure cookers do take some getting used to, so be sure to read the instructions thoroughly.


3. Unplug

Another super easy way to slash your footprint? In one word: unplug.

This has a dual meaning. First, you can unplug appliances you aren’t using for the night. Also unplug your toaster, blender and other appliances that don’t get used daily. Believe it or not, this simple act will massively reduce your energy consumption. Any time a plug is in the wall, energy is moving into it, whether or not it’s turned on.

The second aspect is for you to unplug yourself from your phone or computer for periods of time every day. It is tempting to rely on technology for communicating, to get ahead on work, and to entertain ourselves. But did you know that every bit of energy –from texting to watching a video to talking on the phone–is powered by fossil fuels?

Unplugging is not only good for the environment, but good for mental and emotional health too! Do you need to unwind from a long day? The Lofts Pier Village, New Jersey beach condos, offer an impressive list of amenities that can provide excellent ways to relax. For example, plunge into the immense pool, or get moving in the well-equipped fitness center. Take a walk on the beach, just out your front door! There are also lawns and paths on the The Lofts Pier Village grounds where you can walk, lounge and relax. 


4. Maintenance and Upkeep

Enjoying life at New Jersey beach condos implies a life of leisure and enjoyment. Nonetheless, daily upkeep and maintenance is essential to maintaining the condition of our belongings and homes. A large part of conservation is taking care of our belongings to preserve them and maintain quality. The goal is to replace belongings (clothing, gadgets, etc) less frequently.—thus preventing a unneccessary consumption.


5. Use Natural Cleaning Products

One big part of maintenance is the basic principle of cleaning, which prevents dirts, molds and other filth from wearing down our belongings and making them unusable. Therefore, a major part of conservation is cleaning!

Sadly, most of us turn to conventional –and harmful –chemicals, which is detrimental to the environment. When we use chemicals, we then pass them on to the water supply. Once in the water, it takes extra steps –and energy –to purify that water and make it safe it again so we can use it. 

The great news is that in the majority of the cases, these abrasive substances are not necessary to keep your home pristine. Natural products like white vinegar and citric acids can replace caustic chemicals to great effect.

For instance: As you may know, The Lofts Pier Village, New Jersey beach condos, come equipped with top-of-the-art quartz countertops. An easy, eco-friendly way to clean them is with baking soda. To remove stubborn stains, wipe the surface with a damp cloth and a paste of baking soda and water. It works wonders—even on wine, coffee or juice stains!

By choosing natural products to clean your condo, you are both being eco-conscious and saving yourself from breathing in harmful chemicals found in many cleaning products.


6. Decorate your condo with plants

Indoor plants are an excellent complement to any style of decoration and they provide an extra trait: they are natural air purifiers! Scientists state that the soil in potted plants can eliminate toxic substances in the air. You may feel a bit intimidated about caring for a plant, so here are a few suggestions:

If you want to keep your plants indoors, we suggest you get a Dracaena –a beautiful but low-maintenance plant that easily adapts to any environment. Another option for the rookie is the Rubber Tree which is famous for being tolerant to a certain amount of neglect. One of the plants that suits the beach landscape better is called the Bird’s Nest Fern. It is a stunning plant that is a master at the art of eliminating household toxins, such as the ones found in nail polish, hair spray, etc.

Many New Jersey beach condos, such as The Lofts Pier Village, feature private terraces and a great way to adorn them is using flowers. Among the flowers that grow well in New Jersey’s weather are the Anemone, the Blanket Flower, and the Coral Bells. For more information on great indoor plants, check out our blog on green friends for the home!

7. Shop locally

Shopping locally can is a great way to contribute to reducing the rising carbon emissions in the world. By shopping and dining near your home, you have the option of walking or riding a bike, which means you don’t have to start your car. Luckily, Pier Village has an extensive range of cafes, restaurants, and shops for you to enjoy, within easy walking distance of The Lofts Pier Villae. From Parisian to Greek and French, the culinary scene on offer will make anyone salivate—who needs to go far from home!



As you can see, opting for the eco-conscious choice is not always so difficult. Awareness is the first step, and a willingness to try something new is the second! Lastly, the 3 R’s apply, whenever possible: Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce!

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