Have Fun Playing Virtual Games While Quarantining at Pier Village Condos for Sale

No doubt, Covid-19 has changed people’s way of life, particularly in terms of social distancing. Like others, the community at The Lofts Pier Village condos for sale in Long Branch, NJ, is exploring ways to stay entertained.

Being physically isolated doesn’t have to equal socially isolated. You can keep boredom away and focus on the positive by inviting friends to a virtual game night.

These interesting times are giving room for much creativity – an opportunity to explore virtual games and activities and keep in touch with family and friends.

Connecting with Others Via Video and Online Games

The internet is a great source of entertainment. When you’re looking to have some fun time alone, video games are ideal. And they can also provide for a means of communication with family and friends. You can even stay connected with other friends at The Lofts Pier Village condos for sale in Long Branch, NJ, via online games.

What Are the Best Online Games?

The variety of online games available is mind-boggling. Whether you want to pass a little time or do something engaging, you will find something that suits you. Most online games are available on your desktop computers, laptops, or smartphones. Some games are also available on handheld game consoles or TV game consoles, such as Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Xbox.

The following are some of the best online games to keep yourself engaged as you quarantine at The Lofts Pier Village condos for sale in Long Branch, NJ:

  1. Ice Cream Blast by AARP

AARP has many fun games for all ages. This Ice Cream Blast game lets you match and drop ice cream toppings on the cones. Players can also decorate as many cones as possible to get points at the end of each game.

  1. Find-O-Vision by AARP:

Find-O-Vision is a free online game by AARP that keeps you engaged when you feel like there’s nothing good on television. You can become an active part of the program while you search for objects for the different shows that appear on the screen.

  1. Candy Crush Saga (Android/iOS)

Candy Crush is not only easy to play, it is addictive. Form three-of-a-kind matches with colorful pieces of candy to advance to the next level. The game has thousands of levels, and you can compare your level to your friends’ using by via the leaderboard.

  1. Backgammon (Mac/PC)

This popular board game is available on almost any device, and for those who have played it on a board, learning the rules won’t be a problem. What’s more, you can play Backgammon online with family and friends.

  1. Minecraft (Available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC and PS4)

Minecraft is a strategy and fantasy adventure game that lets you form a group of up to eight players online as you collaborate on building projects. You can also play some of the mini-games with friends.

  1. Zynga With Friends Games (Android/iOS)

With a huge library of multiplayer games, you’re sure to become engaged with the Zynga game. The fun games include Chess With Friends, Words With Friends, Draw Something, Crosswords With friends, and Gems With friends. Zynga lets you pair with a friend or even a stranger online to compete. The best part of these games is that they are family friendly and easy to play. You can even log in to your Facebook to find other players online.

  1. Overcooked! 2 (Windows/Mac/Steam/GOG)

Play the role of a chef and get good laughs with Overcooked! 2 game. The game lets you team up with up to three others to prepare food for hungry customers. You and your team must overcome funny obstacles like collapsing floors and moving counters in the kitchen to deliver.

  1. Stardew Valley (Mac/Windows/GOG/Steam)

In Stardew Valley, you and up to three others team up to run a farm in a small village, completing tasks in groups or alone. You get to plant crops, defend your animals from monsters and care for them. You can even woo one of the villagers that catch your fancy. Activities could go on for many hours, making it a perfect game to while away the time.

  1. Golf Clash (Android/iOS)

Armchair golfers are in for a fun time with Golf Clash. This multiplayer game lets you play on beautiful courses around the world in real-time. Compete in tournaments, one-on-one games, and challenge thousands of online players and your friends on Facebook. As you master your golf skills, you unlock tours and earn promotions in leagues. Golf Clash also allows for chats, banters, and emoji with opponents.

  1. Tick Tock: A Tale of Two

This is one game that works even better when you’re not in the same place with your friends. The two players in Tick Tock: A Tale of Two, see different versions of the game’s magical world. You have to communicate effectively to solve riddles in this adventurous game.

  1. Ticket to Ride (Windows/Mac via Steam)

Replace your board game nights with Ticket to Ride. It lets you compete to connect cities by rail. You can access this game and other virtual board games on the Tabletop Simulator software online.

  1. Wordscapes (iOS/Android)

Lovers of word puzzles will find this game interesting. Wordscapes combines letter scramble and a traditional crossword puzzle to deliver a challenging game. Players must create as many words as they can to fill the blanks in the crossword. With over 6,000 levels, you won’t have to worry about getting bored.

  1. Monopoly (Android/iOS/Consoles)

This is no doubt one of the top board games for family game nights. Thankfully, mobile versions are now available on the app store and even on gaming consoles. Become a rich landlord as you roll the dice to buy and sell real estate and play online with people from all over the world.

  1. Guitar Hero (Gaming Consoles/PC/Mobile Devices)

Connect with other gamers and reconnect with your childhood as you play like a rock star on Guitar Hero. Unlike other video games that require a controller, the seven Guitar Hero games let gamers play with a toy guitar. Each of the games features songs from legendary bands, such as The Beetles, Queen, and more.

  1. Flight Stimulator Extreme (iTunes)

Even if you’re quarantining at The Lofts Pier Village condos for sale, you can still pretend to be flying somewhere! In this virtual video game, you are in the cockpit of airline companies like Airbus, Boeing, and Learjet. Your mission involves taking passengers from one airport to the other as you take in beautiful sights from the sky.

  1. Trivia Crack (Android/iOS)

Compete head-to-head against friends and test your knowledge on Trivial Crack. This game features hundreds of thousands of questions. Players spin the wheel to see the category they will be quizzed on and aim to be the first to six crowns. The game is available in twenty different languages, and you can chat with friends through the app on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

  1. Wii Sports (Amazon/GameStop)

Nintendo Wii’s list of non-rigorous athletic games is an great option for getting some physical action, even while at home! Wii sports offers interactive sports games, such as tennis, boxing, golf, bowling, and baseball. You have the option to play alone or pair up with friends for light workouts.

  1. 2048

2048 is a puzzle game for mobile devices or PCs. Players aim to reach a score of 2048 or higher by adding like numbers. This easy-to-play game requires only a swipe of the finger, keeping your mind engaged as you compete with yourself to reach the highest score possible.

  1. PGA Tour (Xbox/PlayStation/iTunes)

This is another golf game that lets you play as the world’s famous golfers. You can play it on a gaming console, such as the Xbox or Playstation. Some versions are also available for mobile devices.

  1. Fun Games on Zoom

With Zoom, having a virtual party is as easy as it can get. Whatever game you prefer, whether Bingo word games, card games, or trivia, Zoom’s got you covered.  Some fun games you can consider for your next virtual party with friends include Cards Against Humanity, Bingo, Scattergories, Trivia, Pictionary, and more.

In Summary

Games provide a means of joy, amusement, and mental stimulation, whether enjoyed alone, with family, or as part of a group online. They can help eradicate boredom, relieve stress, and keep the brain active. Online games are particularly useful in these times to learn new things and keep yourself engaged.

Through online games, families at The Lofts Pier Village condos for sale in Long Branch, NJ, can connect with people of all backgrounds and beliefs. You can help build new communities online as you play with others. You can also use virtual game nights to bond with family members who live far away to communicate despite the social distancing.




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