Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family at the Pier Village Condos

October is here and with it comes the season of jack-o-lanterns and ghosts.  For a bit of fun, we’ve put together a list of great costume ideas for you and the kids! Whether you’re going trick-or-treating with the young ones, or attending a Halloween party, you’ll want to get creative and put on your costume best!

When choosing a costume you’ll first want to decide what type of costume you’re going for: Do you want to be classic? Funny? Scary? Fantastical? Do you want a costume that takes after pop culture? Or a historical figure? There are so many ways to have fun with your Halloween costume this year! Here are few ideas to inspire you at The Lofts Pier Village condos.


New Jersey Themed Costumes

For something creative and local, residents at Pier Village condos have lots of New Jersey themed costumes to choose from! Here’s a sampling:

  • The Boss

Bruce Springsteen is maybe one of the most simple and iconic costumes you can don. Quintessentially American, dressing up as this New Jersey native rock star is fun and always cool. The Born in the USA era is definitely the most iconic: faded blue jeans, white t-shirt, red bandana, black boots, black studded belt. Variations include jean jacket with vest (just rip the sleeves off of an old jean jacket) and a black sweat band. The bandana could be tied around the neck or hang out the back pocket. Walk with a swagger, carry a guitar (a fake, plastic guitar is fine) and remember: you’re the boss.

  • Frank Sinatra

Don’t like rock and roll? Neither did this guy. For a classier swagger, dress as the northern NJ native, Frank Sinatra. He was famous for swing and jazz singing, seductive blue eyes and a superb sense of style. Dressing as Sinatra is a great excuse to wear a handsome suit from the 50s (or 60s). And, always include the fedora. Sinatra wore it lower over his right eyebrow for a mischievous tilt. For the rest of the costume, here is a bit of Sinatra’s advice, from his own mouth:

My basic rules are to have shirt cuffs extended half an inch from the jacket sleeve. Trousers should break just above the shoe. Try not to sit down because it wrinkles the pants. If you have to sit, don’t cross your legs. Pocket handkerchiefs are optional, but I always wear one, usually orange, since orange is my favorite color. Shine your Mary Janes on the underside of a couch cushion.”

To play your costume appropriately, be easy and relaxed, with a confident cockiness, a bit of edge and always leave big tips.

To make it a group costume affair, the whole crew can dress as Sinatra’s famous contemporarie, like Marilyn Monroe, Catherine Hepburn and Shirley Maclaine for the ladies. Think about members of the rat pack, like Humphrey Bogart and Sammy Davis Jr.

  • Jersey Devilpier village jersey devil

Halloween is supposed to be a bit spooky, and if you prefer to dress in scary costumes, the Jersey Devil is a pretty creepy—and local—costume idea. Legend of Jersey Devil goes back possibly as far as the 1700s. There are plenty of versions of the legend, but the essential story is as follows: Born the 13th child of a witch, called Mother Leeds, she was so discouraged at having another child she cursed it to be a devil. She got her wish when, on a stormy night, she gave birth to a devil creature that beat her and the family before flying up the chimney and taking to the pine barrens.

Still haunting the pine barrens today, this creature is said to fly the streets and kill chickens before disaster strikes, shrieking a blood-curdling cry.

There are lots of ways to imagine up this costume. For one thing, exact descriptions of the creature vary quite a bit. However, typically it has bat wings, the face of a goat or horse, a forked tail and cloven feet. You can definitely find a goat mask and devil wings. Then, spend the night shrieking


Jersey Shore Seaside Costumes

For another kind of local, Pier Village condos residents can take full advantage of beachy, seaside costumes. These are great ones for the kids!

Mermaidpier village mermaid

Who doesn’t want to dress in scales and seashells and sing like an underwater princess? Mermaids—and mermen—are always a good go-to for those lucky enough to live on the beach! For a more adult variation, dress as a siren instead. Another beautiful sea woman who lures men to their death with their seductive song.


  • Poseidon

The king-god of the sea! Ok, who doesn’t love to dress like a god? This is a powerful and seaworthy costume. Don a fishtail, wear a white beard, gold crown and trident to pull this costume off.

  • Starfish

This is an adorable costume for a wee one. Just imagine your baby dressed as a sea star! Too cute. You can find costumes online, or if you’re talented with a sewing machine, make your own!

  • Shark

For the fiercer children, a shark is a pretty cool seaside costume. And they can learn lots of cheesy shark jokes to tell the neighbors, like:

What is a shark’s favorite sandwich? A peanut butter and jelly-fish!

What did the shark say after eating a clown fish? This tastes a little funny.

  • Dolphin or Seahorse

Just a couple more super cute sea-inspired costumes! Many children (and adults!) are captivated by the playful dolphin. And what is more adorable and mystical than a seahorse? Perfect for a child—or whimsical adult!

  • 1900s Full body striped male swimsuit

Going for humor? Why not dress as a swimmer from the 1900s. Wear a striped full swimsuit that zips up the front with a straw cap. You could include a mustache too, to really get into the look of the times. You could even carry a beach ball or other beach paraphernalia. Bring a bit of silliness and fun to the Pier Village condos!


Classic Halloween Costumespier village ghost

It wouldn’t be proper to write about Halloween costumes without a nod to the classics. These timeless personas are always fun to don and the variations on them on endless. Get creative and put your own spin on a witch costume, for example! 

  • Vampire

Vampires a perfectly classic Halloween costume. You can make this as complex or simple as you like. For example, do you want to dress like a Lost Boys vampire from the 90s, with a leather jacket, biker boots and spiked hair? Or do you want to be a Count Dracula type, with a top hat, cane, vest and cape? Or an old timey velvet dress with lace around the neck and cuffs?

Either way, you’ll definitely require fangs. Find a set that are comfortable enough to wear all night. A bit of white or green makeup along your cheekbones to make your face look gaunt will vastly improve the costume—and kids love fake blood.

  • Witch

There are lots of ways to do a witch, and it’s good for the young and old alike. The classic, of course, is a black pointed hat, black cape and long dress. Also, long nails, maybe a green face with warts and, of course, a broom. Other accessories can include a caldron and a black cat. If you’ll be at home answering the door to trick-or-treaters, a cauldron full of candy would be pretty on point. To act the witch correctly, learn a few spells and practice your cackle.

  • Mummy or Ghost

These are pretty easy costumes to make at home. Just a bit of facepaint and old white sheets! For the mummy, simply rip up sheets and wrap and tie them around you or your child’s body. Use some black and white facepaint around the eyes to make them look dead and vacant. Walk with hands out front and walk in a very stiff, square manner.

For the ghost costume, just cut some holes in a sheet for eyes and you’ve got a ghost-ha! Simple, funny and classic. Move around all night in a dreamy way, speak with a quivering voice and sing “oooooo” whenever you get the urge.



Trending costumes tend to be in direct correlation to pop culture: movies, TV shows and musicians. Lizzo with her flute or characters from the popular Netflix show Stranger Things are examples of popular costumes you’ll probably see this year. Here are few more:

  • Super Heroes

A trending kids costume genre these days is the super hero. Batman, Spider Man, Wonder Woman—you name it. These super heros are making a huge come-back in children’s imaginations thanks to all the new children focused films coming out featuring our favorites.

There are plenty of superhero costumes to order online or pick up at a costume store.

For a twist, be a super villain instead!

  • Game of Thrones Characters

For adults, Game of Thrones characters might always be trending. As the show just released its final season this past spring, expect to see some Daenerys, John Snow and Sansa costumes. These can be pretty involved, as you’ll have to gather up a lot of gear—fur, swords, chainmail—but the result will be stunning. And you can wear it again next year, because the popularity of this series will be relevant for a long time to come.


Happy Halloween!

Get spooky (or funky! Or silly!) at the Pier Village condos. Hopefully these ideas at least helped to lubricate the costume inspiration wheels. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the greatest costume party of the year, so have fun with it. And Happy Halloween from The Lofts Pier Village!