Condo Life is the Good Life: All the Perks, Plus Oceanfront Condos for Sale in NJ!

Ever considered living in a condo? If not, maybe you should! Condo life offers a lot of perks that you don’t find living in a house or apartment. Condo life is “the good life,” and right now, you’re in luck because there are some fantastic oceanfront condos for sale in NJ. At The Lofts Pier Village, not only will you get to indulge in condo life—you also get to indulge in beach life.

Even before you take a look at the oceanfront condos for sale in NJ and fall in love with them –because you definitely will!- you may want to know a thing or two about living in a condo. One could simplify the benefits by saying “the smaller the space, the lower the responsibilities” but that would be oversimplifying the aspects and perks of having a condo. Here are a few of our absolute favorite perks of condo life:


Benefits of living in a condominium

  1. Community. When you live in a community, you are surrounded by people who share at least one primary interest—living in a safe, comfortable, and beautiful place. You really can’t go wrong when you live with a group of people who share the same values and concerns—not to mention a shared love for the beach! When you live in a condo, you share costs, common spaces, and a similar lifestyle to your neighbors, making it easy to build a strong community with the people around you.


  1. Shared costs. Living in a condo means experiencing a sense of community that is not necessarily present when you live in a house or an apartment in a regular neighborhood. This includes a financial benefit as well: shared costs. For instance, as required by law, a portion of your fees goes directly into a reserve fund. The Board of Directors decides what part of the property needs maintenance –such as roof repairing, lighting, etc.—and then assign the necessary funds from the reserve. If the property is well managed, you will not incur any additional expenses.


  1. Easy maintenance and outside work. It is not only the cost involved, but also the time you need to devote to maintain a property can sometimes be disheartening. From cutting the lawn and repairing structures to deep cleaning and shoveling snow from the street—the upkeep never seems to end. The maintenance shores often get accumulated on our “to-do list” and seldom do we get the time to check them off—or we wind up dishing out loads of money to maintain the yard, house, and property. But when you live in one of these fantastic oceanfront condos for sale in NJ, you don’t have to worry about any of that yard work and upkeep because your monthly fees cover everything and someone else organizes and implements the work.


  1. Amenities. How often do we dream of having a pool in our house? Then we get realistic and think about the cost involved—not only to install one but to safely maintain it—and our dream vanishes. The variety of luxurious amenities that come with beachside condo life is enough reason for you want to live the condo dream. Imagine: A swimming pool, beautifully maintained gardens, a communal gym, and a party room—if you own a condo, these are the amenities you’ll be able to indulge in at your pleasure—and all without the hassle of having to keep them up personally.


  1. Location. With easy access to fast highways, yet separated from the buzz, condo communities often offer the perfect combination of accessibility and tranquility.


  1. Customization Freedom. Unlike a rented apartment, with a condo, you have enough freedom to renovate, customize, or decorate the place. Yes, there will be some ground rules established, but basically, how you adorn your condo is up to you; this is particularly appealing for families that want to maximize the space without increasing their lease. When you rent an apartment, you risk your deposit by modifying the area, which ultimately restricts the space capabilities. Paint the walls, hang your favorite frames, and give the condo a real sense of home. Check out some of our design articles to get some ideas for cool ways to decorate your space!


  1. Security. Security is not a factor to be ignored or underestimated. Research shows that by living in a secure community, the safety of its inhabitants is increased; not only that, the sense of safety is higher when you live among other people. Having a sense of ownership also makes neighborhoods safer and better guarded since people are prone to take better care of the area when they are the owners. You’ll have neighbors who will also keep an eye on your home when you’re gone.


  1. Lifestyle. What makes condos so successful and attractive to people? While all of the factors mentioned above are a part of it, to be sure, there is one thing that could sum them all up: lifestyle.

Getting to indulge in the amenities that come with the condo, being close to the ocean, living in a community—it’s a wholesome and fun environment that makes for a fantastic lifestyle for any family.


  1. Asset aspect. Ultimately, you want to spend your money knowing you are making a wise deal. Condos can be an excellent investment—particularly if they are in a fabulous location! These luxury oceanfront condos for sale in NJ are not only a great place to live now—they are an excellent investment for the future. The Jersey Shore is only becoming more and more attractive to people who are recognizing the wonderful lifestyle available in such a convenient location on the east coast.


  1. The view! Ask anyone living by the ocean: the view never gets old. Experience it yourself—check out the oceanfront condos for sale in NJ today! Imagine ocean waves soothing you to sleep and the beauty of waking up to that wide, distant Atlantic sea every morning. Imagine sitting outside your condo, on your balcony overlooking the waters, and you will begin to wonder how you ever lived anywhere else.


Buy a Condo on the Beach!

Now that you’re convinced that condo life is right for you, why not make it a condo on the beach? Practicality and functionality may be enough reason to tilt the balance into buying a condo, but the truth goes beyond that.  As stated at the beginning of this article, condo life is “the good life” and what better way to spend one’s days than close to the beach?

Scientists say that being near the seaside good for our health and can lead to a better life. Even doctors from the 18th century prescribed visits to the beach as medical remedies! And now we know why: the closer to the coast, the better the health. It has even been shown that spending time at the ocean relaxes and uplifts a person as much as or more than finding a new job! A seaside environment reduces stress and encourages a healthier lifestyle. What better reason to buy one of the gorgeous oceanfront condos for sale in NJ?

Here are some of the reasons beach life is the best life:

  • It leads to more active lifestyles. Living close to the beach triggers more outdoor and physical activity, according to research. Many people wind up practicing a sport as a hobby—such as swimming, kayaking, paddling, etc. Sometimes it doesn’t mean getting in the water; those long walks on the coast do wonders for your overall health.


  • You get your daily dose of Vitamin D plus fresher air. The Vitamin D you get when exposed to the sun improves your immune system; not to mention the excellent quality of the air you are able to absorb when living oceanfront.


  • The relaxing factor: the sound of the waves, the sensation you get when you bury your feet in the sand, the glimpse of jaw-dropping sunsets. Reputable scientists agree to this: the ocean reduces anxiety and brings calm to the mind. It’s inspiring!


What better way to live the beach life than in a luxurious, comfortable condominium at The Lofts Pier Village? Take a look at these oceanfront condos for sale in NJ with your own eyes and start your beach love affair. Imagine experiencing all the benefits of ocean living while also benefiting from the perks of condo living: there’s a name for that fantastic combination: The Lofts Pier Village.

For more on how to start your “good life” and details about these incredible condos, visit the Pier Village website here.