Celebrate Moms this Mother’s Day at the Pier Village Condos for Sale!

It is no coincidence that the bountiful spring month of May is also the month we celebrate and honor all that mothers do for our world. With the weather warming up, birds chirping, and flowers blooming, it is the perfect time to say thanks to mom.

Under normal circumstances, you might take mom to a spa near the Pier Village condos for sale or else out to one of the fabulous restaurants in Pier Village. With businesses shut down and social distancing a priority, you can still have fun and get creative at home! There are lots of experiences to recreate and the whole family will have fun.

Virtual Mother’s Day Experiences

Zoom Party

If you’re celebrating a mother or grandmother whom you can’t visit right now, you can still get the whole family together for a celebratory Zoom party! Mom’s love to see all their family and it is truly heart warming to have everyone gathered together in one place, even if it is virtual.

Online Shopping Spree

It is not unheard of for mom to love shopping, and living at Pier Village Condos means you never have to venture far from home to find high class and unique shopping. But with things shut down, it might be fun to go on a virtual shopping spree! Lot’s of local shops are still selling items online, so you can still support your community while getting mom something special!

Virtual Classes and Other Experiences

There are tons of incredible virtual experiences becoming available everyday—so you can indulge your mom in a world experience right from home!

Travel around the world to see the Great Wall of China in a virtual tour or visit Carlsbad Caverns way under earth with artsandculture.withgoogle.com. You can also visit a whole bundle of beautiful sites in Jersusalem, Israel. According to Independent.co.uk,

Israel is promoting a whole series of virtual tours for armchair travellers, including one that takes you around Jerusalem’s most famous sights. Videos have a voiceover tour guide giving more information on the city’s holiest places, while 360-degree functionailty makes it feel more like you’re exploring.

 There are also fun and unique classes available. According to Stylecaster.com for example, Airbnb has some fantastic offerings. They say:

Since most people can’t travel right now, Airbnb is offering one-of-a-kind virtual experiences, and they practically scream “Mother’sn Day Activities.” From cocktail-making classes to cooking with a Moroccan family, you can gift your mom a unique experience she can enjoy while sitting on the couch—and then call you immediately after to tell you all about it.

Go to a Show (from your couch)

You could “go to the show”—virtually. The Metropolitan Opera House is streaming favorite operas every night. And plenty of Broadway shows are being streamed too. Get dressed up for fun and make lots of snacks.

Museum Tours

You can also go on a virtual Museum Tour with your mom. Museums all over the world are offering incredible virtual tours. TimeOut.com says,

From ogling Parisian Impressionist works in the Musée d’Orsay to a lesson in ancient Greece from Athens’ Benaki Museum to a voyeuristic archive of ex-lovers’ relics at the Museum of Broken Relationships, there are some fascinating exhibitions at your fingertips – all of which are free.

Zoos and aquariums are also offering free tours, so take your pick!

In-Home Experiences

Spend too much time on screens as is? There are lot’s of other ways to create spectacular Mother’s Day experiences at home! Afterall, spending quality time together is what’s important. Living in The Lofts Pier Village – the most comfortable condos among Pier Village condos for sale – make for the perfect home space to truly kick back and enjoy quality time.

At Home Spa

Walking around the Pier Village condos for sale, you are sure to see lots of hardworking mothers and grandmothers. They are pretty much the modern day superheroes that do it all. They often hold full-time jobs, raise the children, and do the majority of household tasks. Mother’s Day is a day to acknowledge this hard work and give them a break from it all! What is a better break from hard work than an indulgent day at the spa?

Since you can’t go out to the Spa, bring it home! You could gift her a basket of home spa treatments—such as lovely herbal bath salts to take a long, luxurious bath and scented skin oils for extra pampering. After the bath,  pamper mom with a massage. Then onto a facemask and pedicure. Alternative spa treatments include a foot soak or salt scrub.

 Breakfast in Bed

This may be a cliché Mother’s Day gift, but that’s because it’s so much fun! Let mom sleep in and then serve her breakfast in bed—or on the patio with a view of the sea, if she prefers! The point is that she is served her favorite breakfast, while still in her pajamas or morning robe. Pancakes or waffles are always a treat—or maybe a frittata, or smoked salmon bagel for a savory alternative, with a smoothie on the side.


Crafting options are endless depending on what your mom is into! Regardless of specific craft hobbies, like crocheting or embroidery, what mom doesn’t love a good photo scrap book?! You can prepare a scrap-booking experience by purchasing a nice photo album and glue, printing out a bunch of your favorite family photos. Add in some decorative additions like ribbon, stickers, and stamps. Make sure to have some nice markers on hand for captions.


Games—be they board games, word games or charades—are one of the most bonding home experiences out there. Friendly competition, silly play, and logic-based strategy are all components that make different types of games fun. Provide snacks and beverages. Then, just lay back and enjoy the fun of the game: laughter, play, competition, and all!

 Fine Dining

If you live at the Pier Village condos for sale, you know the surrounding area is usually bustling with incredible restaurant options. (just check out this article titled, “Enjoy a Night Out: Great Restaurants Near Pier Village Condos for Sale” for a whole detailed list of the diverse options). Well, you may not be able to go out to eat at your favorite restaurant this Mother’s Day, but you can still recreate a fine dining experience!

Plan a 5-course dinner at home, complete with fine cheeses and wines or a perfectly curated charcuterie board. You can customize the meal to your exact preferences. Take it up a notch and purchase a special ingredient like caviar, salmon, or wagyu beef to make something extra special. Or consider taking a retro trip to the 60s and 70’s and come prepared with a fondue kit. Cheese fondue, bouillon based meats and veggies, and chocolate fondue for the ultimate home dining experience!

Don’t forget to set the scene with candle light and music. Let mom sit back and enjoy relaxing (perhaps in the tub??) while the rest of the family pulls together to create a perfect at home-dining experience. And don’t let her clean up afterward, either!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hopefully these virtual and in-home experiential gift ideas are getting the juices churning for making the most of your Mother’s Day during these times of social distancing. There are so many ways to create a unique and special day at home! And if you don’t already call The Pier Village condos for sale home, the promise of a beautiful, beachside condo is definitely a winning gift to offer mom!


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