Bring Autumn Vibes to Your Waterfront Condos in NJ

Say goodbye to summer 2020 and begin the fall season with a fresh mindset and new decorations – it’s time to bring autumn vibes to your waterfront condos in NJ! The Lofts Pier Village provides the perfect homes to indulge your seasonal inspirations.

Typically, there are two ways to change your home décor into a fall ambiance. The first one is to incorporate the classic, traditional items, such as pumpkins, leaves, and pinecones. You could also choose to be a little more adventurous and turn to more modern elements that stay away from an autumn cliché –although there’s nothing wrong with staying traditional. Let’s examine both paths.


  • Beautiful copper barware: If you’re indeed trying to give your waterfront condos in NJ a more modern touch, getting barware in a beautiful, rich bronze color can do the trick. There are some fantastic options on the market for trays, cocktail shakers, and mugs, that come in metal–gold works. If you’re not a big fan of liquor, you can also do the same, but for coffee or other beverages. Get a beautiful chocolate-shaded tray and incorporate elements in bronze or brown.
  • Glamourous pumpkins: Wanting to be edgy doesn’t have to mean leaving out pumpkins altogether! You can have your traditional pumpkins and style them into a novelty decoration piece. There are tons of DIY tutorials online to add glitter, make velvet pumpkins, and other options. Here’s an example.
  • Pay attention to the bathroom: Depending on the floorplan of your fantastic waterfront condos in NJ, you may have one or two bathrooms. Although most people focus on the guest toiletry for decoration purposes, one must never neglect the main bathroom. Remember, the goal is not only to adorn your space but to create a much-desired fall experience. You can start by adding seasonal decoration items such as pumpkins and infusing the room with scented candles (opt for pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, or sandalwood). You can also change the hand towels for harvest colors.
  • Add a modern touch to your table linens: Some tables are too beautiful to be covered up; nonetheless, for a more inviting, warmer effect, consider adding a tablecloth, table runner, or linen napkins to your dining area. There’s no need to add them all, just pick what feels right with the rest of the home décor. To stay away from an antique style, opt for neutral, solid colors. If you enjoy having brighter shades, you can choose between violet, burgundy, or a deep brown.
  • Add some cushions and throw pillows: If you already have cushions, you may want to consider changing them to a more season-appropriate version. Replace the pillows you have with light shades for richer colors and thicker fabrics.
  • Wall Art: Not everyone is a fan of hanging inspirational framed quotes such as “live, love, laugh.” Nonetheless, if you make these phrases in a modern font, while utilizing neutral colors, the feel is quite different. You can also try for contemporary art expressions in black and white – such as dry leaves, a tree losing its leaves, a vintage image of pumpkin carving, etc. You get the gist.
  • Re-think your flower arrangements: Sure, dead flowers are quintessential to the season, but opting for fresh flowers may be the modern detail you’ve been looking for in updating your waterfront condos in NJ. Traditionally people stick to oranges and browns, but there’s nothing wrong with adding some bright yellow to the mix.


Even though modern, edgy looks are appealing, some folks do not entirely feel in sync with the season unless conventionalisms are present. We also recommend these traditional items:

  • Enhance the coziness: While summer translates into days on the beach, cold pitchers of lemonade,and margaritas, autumn means it is time to dial up the cozy factor and snuggle on the couch with a great book. This time of the year is ideal for retrieving –or purchasing –some throw blankets with fuzzy textures. Try to pick brown, mustard, or grayish shades to accentuate the comfy level. You can also build your own cozy station. Pick a space in your living room –perhaps a recliner or a chaise longue –throw your favorite blankets and name it: “your spot.” Next to it, you can have a coffee or tea station with a tray and a chalkboard to write something inspirational or fun.
  • Do not forget the outdoors: People living in the mesmerizing waterfront condos in NJ have a hard time leaving their apartments, simply because they are beautiful and incredibly comfortable. Nonetheless, it takes little to provide a warm welcome to your visitors and decorate your home with a bit of the outdoors. Expert decorators recommend changing your welcome mat and creating a vignette in a corner – then filling it with items such as dried leaves and pumpkins.
  • Rustic foliage: Decorate with natural elements. The rustic effect provides a relaxing look to any home décor. In the fall, most gardens begin to look kind of shabby, which coincidentally makes it a perfect time for indoor plants. You can let your imagination fly and incorporate shells into your flower arrangements. Add dried flowers, moss, and grasses for a naturally pretty effect.
  • Candles: Fall-inspired candles are perhaps the easiest way to start “feeling the season.” You can set them inside your bathrooms, in the kitchen, the living room, and the bedrooms. Candles have a soothing effect, they emanate lovely scents, and they are an inexpensive way to get your fall spirit out. Be careful, and don’t leave them lighted during the night or if you leave your apartment.
  • Pumpkins everywhere: You may call it trite, but the most popular way to represent autumn is with pumpkins. They are also relatively cheap and look fantastic anywhere! In your entrance, at the kitchen table, on a bookshelf, inside the guest’s bathroom, etc.

When planning your theme, consider that you want to avoid confusing fall décor with holiday décor. From fall-inspired wreaths to pumpkins and rustic foliage, you can create a cozy and themed atmosphere that serves as the foundation for each holiday. Thankfully, most of the fall décor will likely transition well to winter décor. 

More fun ways to enjoy the Autumn

Don’t miss the opportunity of living fall to the max with this list of must-do activities:

  • Go apple picking or pumpkin carving: With your partner, family, or friends, these two activities are typical to celebrate autumn. No matter how many years you’ve done them, they are always fun, different, and a friendly reminder of the months to come. Plus, they are your perfect excuse to venture outside, even when the temperatures start to drop.
  • Go for a hike: There’s no need to worry about the weather getting too hot! You can plan a long walk and enjoy the change in nature by exploring your favorite spots during the fall season.
  • Bake: Bring on the nostalgia and turn on the oven, because it is the perfect season to bake your grandma’s famous apple, pecan, or pumpkin pie. There are tons of recipes –old and new –that you can try. How about delighting yourself with a pumpkin latte, made at home?
  • Attend a fall-themed festival: Check out your local events for celebrations and gatherings. Take this opportunity to mingle with other people –keep your safe distance, though!
  • Work on a fall-themed puzzle: Tickle your brain with a 500-piece puzzle displaying a lovely autumn scene.
  • Take advantage of your cozy spot: Pick an old movie, take out the wine, tea, or your preferred cheese and snuggle under your fuzzy blanket!

Even the most devoted fans of warm weather cannot abstain from the pleasure of changing seasons. Living in the fantastic waterfront condos in NJ, you can enjoy all the seasons. As summer slowly drifts away and turns into autumn, one must welcome with gusto the time of the year designed for cozy nights. The silver lining about saying goodbye to summer activities is the chance to spend more time indoors, enjoying your premises. Take time to decorate accordingly!

Whether you are thinking about small changes or radical décor swapping, it feels wonderful to change modes. September and October are the best months to enjoy the autumn ambiance because it is when the weather starts to change.

It doesn’t matter if you want to stay edgy, modern, and away from plump orange pumpkins everywhere – or if you embrace your fall season with mastery in carving and crafting your own cinnamon candles. The idea is to enjoy this new chapter in your life — and have fun decorating your condo at The Lofts Pier Village!



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