Why Buy? The ROI on Beachfront Condos for Sale in NJ

In the middle of cold February in New Jersey, the idea of purchasing a condo down the shore probably sounds like a dream. It’s easy to imagine ourselves lounging on the soft white sand, basking in the sun, and living an easy, relaxed beach lifestyle. Maybe this sounds like an unattainable daydream. However, the reality is that owning a condo down the Jersey Shore is very possible for many people. There is more than just the single benefit of living your life like a never-ending day at the beach. The truth is that beachfront condos for sale in NJ are a great investment opportunity for a wealth of different reasons. So before you close your eyes to the idea of living on the beach learn a little more about the reasons why it might be the best financial decision you can make. 

Why Choose the Jersey Shore? 

If you’re not already familiar with the Jersey Shore, choosing to purchase a beachfront condo in that location might not have crossed your mind. New Jersey, after all, doesn’t immediately seem like the place where you can build a life near the sea. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. New Jersey is a wonderful place to start living your laid-back beach life. 

The Jersey Shore is a prime location for bird watchers, water sports enthusiasts, beachgoers, nature lovers, and more. The surf of the Atlantic Ocean is perfect for everyone, from those people who just want a quick dip in the water to those who live their lives like mermaids. The beachfront offers stunning views of the sunset. In addition, Jersey Shore communities are the best of the best. Lively restaurants, bars, and general nightlife are available, as well as opportunities for quiet reflection and meditation while the waves lap the shore. During the day, hiking, kayaking, and windsurfing are great, and for those looking to keep their feet on the ground, luxury boutiques, shops, and other amenities are plentiful. 

How to Choose the Right Property

If you’re considering beachfront condos for sale in NJ, choosing the right beach town and the right property is important. Each specific beach town down the Jersey shore offers a different type of lifestyle and a diverse array of amenities. Finding the town that offers a good balance of all options is key. Long Branch, New Jersey, for example, is a wonderful town that offers a unique balance of lifestyle options. 

Consider the following attributes when you are choosing a beachfront property in New Jersey. 

Valuable Location

Simply put, consider the value of the location before purchasing a condo. In other words, beachfront condos for sale that are located in towns with popular and engaging businesses indicate that the town is a good investment. If the town is flourishing and people are flocking to the area, the value of your future home can only increase. For example, you can be certain that beachfront condos for sale in Long Branch, NJ are located near hundreds of successful local businesses. This indicates that the town will continue to develop and expand.

Diverse Amenities

The property you choose should offer diverse amenities to suit any lifestyle. The condo complex you choose should provide the right setting for you to live life the way you like. Make sure the property offers a wide variety of amenities to keep you continuously entertained and comfortable. Look for properties with game rooms, a pool, a fitness center, a business center, and other modern amenities. If they suit you, look for lovely gardens, outdoor grilling equipment, and a children’s playroom. 

Seek out anything you might want to make your day-to-day life easy and full of the things you love. If these things are important to you, then they are likely important to the next person, which makes your condo even more valuable down the line. 

Specific Financial Opportunities 

Many variables determine whether a beachfront condo is worth the financial investment. Consider the tax savings, the opportunities the location presents, whether you can rent the condo out to others. As we mentioned, make sure the location offers enough amenities, such as restaurants, shopping centers, beaches, and more, to make it worth your while. 

At The Lofts Pier Village, you’ll benefit from the following. 

  • 30-year tax abatement savings
  • Location in an opportunity zone
  • Option to rent seasonally or yearly
  • Rapid expansion and development in Long Branch, NJ
  • Prime location with unbeatable views

Learn More About Pier Village & Your Future Beachfront Home

The ROI for beachfront condos for sale in New Jersey is clear. Consider The Lofts Pier Village in Long Branch, NJ as your future home. This property offers endless reasons why you should buy. At this modern beach living oasis, services, as well as indoor and outdoor amenities are plentiful. The staff is dedicated to ensuring you are happy and comfortable for as long as you reside on the property. The Lofts Pier Village offers an all-inclusive, resort-inspired life. To learn more about the amenities at our property, contact us today!

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