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3 Reasons to Consider Condos for Sale in Long Branch NJ

Buying a condo is a unique real estate experience. There are different considerations you should be aware of before purchasing a condo vs. a single-family home. Specifically, because a condo is typically a shared piece of property with individual owners of each “unit”, you’ll want to consider the benefits of purchasing this style of property. For example, in most cases,…

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Live the Beach Lifestyle in These Luxury Condos in NJ

With winter in full swing, it’s difficult to keep those warm, sunny beach days from replaying in our minds. If you can relate, maybe it’s time to make a change. If you are someone who would rather be living a beach-goer’s lifestyle every single day, you might want to consider luxury condos in NJ. Some of the most beautiful, modern…

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Top 5 Amenities to Look for in Your New Long Branch Condo for Sale

Buying a condo can be a great way to dive into homeownership. This option takes away worrying about the upkeep that comes with single-family homes and townhouses. Especially for those people looking for a permanent residence near the beach, condominiums can be a great option. More specifically, condo owners can take advantage of shared amenities, plus having professional management to…

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Where to Find the Best Ocean View in Long Branch NJ

Going down to the Jersey Shore is one of the top perks of being in our beautiful state. In fact, a person’s favorite shore spot is typically a huge point of pride for almost every native New Jerseyan. While everyone promotes and upholds that their own favorite shore point is the best, each town has its own unique benefits. Most…

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waterfront condos in NJ

Bring Autumn Vibes to Your Waterfront Condos in NJ

Bring Autumn Vibes to Your Waterfront Condos in NJ Say goodbye to summer 2020 and begin the fall season with a fresh mindset and new decorations – it’s time to bring autumn vibes to your waterfront condos in NJ! The Lofts Pier Village provides the perfect homes to indulge your seasonal inspirations. Typically, there are two ways to change your…

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Jersey Shore condos for sale

Why Jersey Shore Condos for Sale are Great for Newlyweds

Why Jersey Shore Condos for Sale are Great for Newlyweds First off, a big congratulations is in order for the newlywed couple! Embarking on a journey of marriage is a path of commitment, reward, love, and challenges. Luckily, there are lifestyle choices that can support and nurture a newly blossoming marriage. The home space in which you choose to live…

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Designer brings a sense of whimsical fun to The Lofts Pier Village

Interior designer Melanie Morris wanted to create a feeling of fun — with a dash of originality — in the new model home at The Lofts Pier Village. “I wanted people to walk in and just smile,” said Morris, a New York-based designer who specializes in luxury, high-end residential interiors. “This is especially important for beach houses. You want it…

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