Regional News Sure to Impress Summer Visitors to Your New Jersey Beach Condos

 Regional News Sure to Impress Summer Visitors to Your New Jersey Beach Condos


Summer’s just around the corner! Have you already started making plans to invite friends and family to come visit you in your beautiful New Jersey beach condos at The Lofts Pier Village?


Garden Staters are used to welcoming friends from around the country who are looking to escape the oppressive summer heat of the South and Midwest.  The Lofts Pier Village New Jersey beach condos make an excellent choice for a summer holiday – and we’ve got 3 more reasons you’ll be an ideal host this summer. With some exciting news putting the Jersey Shore in the spotlight, residents at The Lofts Pier Village have a lot to get their summer visitors excited about a holiday together.


  1. New Restaurants soon to hit the Jersey Shore


If you’ve got guests coming in to visit you this summer, you’ll have plenty of dining opportunities with these new restaurants coming to the region:


  1. Meemom’s  What’s the best thing to nurture our bodies with after a long night filled with fun? Fluffy, self-indulgent, mouthwatering French toast – and Meemom’s is the guru in the field. Here are some mouthwatering temptations: their famous Elvis is stuffed with peanut butter and topped with bananas and bacon, their Tipsy Piggy combines the sweetness of bourbon maple mascarpone with the crispiness of bacon, and their freshly-made banana bread has customers lining up out the door for a fresh batch! Meemom’s serves eggs, waffles, sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, and several types of mac-and-cheese that will give you a whole new perspective on this simple classic. Soon to be everyone’s favorite spot from breakfast to dinner, Meemom’s will open its doors at Brick Plaza soon.


  1. Bird and Betty’s Beach Haven’s Bird and Betty’s offers a fabulous outdoor deck dining space. The owners are no strangers to the area and own some other local favorites, such as the Mud City Crab House and Old Causeway Steak & Oyster House. Focusing on providing a 60’s and 70’s ambiance, great live music, delightful seafood, and artisanal pizzas, Bird and Betty’s promises to have something for everyone.


  1. Freshii  If spending a long day by the beach at your New Jersey beach condos leaves your guests craving fresh meals, you’ll be excited to hear about the newest location of Freshii coming to the Jersey Shore. Freshii is a great choice for those seeking an option compatible with specific dietary needs that is also incredibly delicious. The Toronto-based company has more than 300 locations all over the globe, and it is famous for accommodating a wide range of dietary needs. From vegan to paleo, or from vegetarian to 100% gluten-free, Freshii has reinvented the meaning of healthy. Two of their trademark dishes include the Pangoa Bowl, made with brown rice, avocado, cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, black beans, corn, cilantro, and spicy barbecue sauce, and their delicious Frozen kefir yogurt.  Both are worth the visit! Freshii serves burritos, bowls, salads, smoothies, and much more.


  1. Tower Dogs What else screams summer days by the Jersey Shore like a nice, succulent hotdog? Tower Dogs serves no ordinary dogs – theirs are totally gourmet! Yes, these are high-quality all-beef, tucked into toasted rolls, and topped with flavorful toppings –made in house. With a tradition coming from Princeton’s more than a century ago, Tower Dogs offers unique toppings and seasonings. If you’re going for the first time, be sure to order a Shorty’s Rib Dog, which is topped with cheese sauce, spicy brown mustard, and waffle fries. If you’re the adventurous type, do yourself a favor and order at least one Unlawful Waffle Dog, dipped in waffle batter, deep fried, and served with a honey maple mustard sauce. Vegan hot dogs, beef and vegetarian burgers, fries, and nachos are also on the menu. A personal recommendation for dessert: their trademark fried Oreos. Tower Dogs will be located at the Asbury Park boardwalk.


  1. Cé La Vi After massive success with Whipped Creperie and the need of a bigger space, owners and couple Nick Napoletano and Erica Lieberman will soon open Cé La Vi at Red Bank. The place will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as their widely famous signature crepes. Touted as “a late-night dessert place, with a hint of a French Café,” Cé la Vi offers delicious meals with a European Style.

  1. The Jersey Shore Gets its First High-End, Oceanfront Hotel


If you’ve got an extra-large extended family that you’re not planning to put up in your New Jersey beach condos for their visit, we have a new luxury accommodation to host visitors to the Jersey Shore: Wave Resort.


Wave Resort, opening in June 2019, will be the first high-end oceanfront lodging experience along the Jersey Shore in Long Branch, New Jersey.  The hotel is just over an hour from New York City.  It will give the inhabitants of the Big Apple something to dream about for weekend getaways.


Wave Resort’s high-end accommodations will set a new standard on the Jersey Shore for splendor and comfort, without losing the relaxed vibe that circulates through this paradisiacal hideaway. Relax in 67 gorgeously designed guestrooms with stunning interiors and upscale amenities, sample a delicious and unique set of menus from the five restaurants and bars on site, or pamper yourself at the world-class spa and lavish salon with blow dry bar.


Stepping foot inside Wave Resort means getting away from the noise, troubles, and stress of your everyday life and having a sense of certainty that you will be taken care of.


The hotel will become a symbol of the new revolutionary beach style: majestic and glorious, but cozy.


  1. Jersey Shore listed as Hottest Region for Vacation Homes in the US


It is no surprise that, for the second consecutive year, the Jersey Shore ranks as the hottest real estate market choice for a vacation home. The region’s beautiful ocean-front properties offer investors great appreciation in value. The Shore offers a view unlike most other US coasts, with both sunset and sunrise visible over the ocean from various vantage points. With over 140 miles of coastline, people looking for vacation home properties are sure to find a region that suits their taste.


Residents of The Lofts Pier Village New Jersey beach condos can boast to their guests that they have access to the country’s highest-ranked beaches, too.

Plus, an influx of great new business, such as restaurants and hotels, are a clear sign that the area is experiencing a ground-swelling.

With such flattering news coming out of the Jersey Shore, the only concerns residents should have is that their guests won’t want to leave!   (In which case, we’ll be happy to give them a tour of our available New Jersey beach condos for sale – your guests can quickly become neighbors!)