Winter Interior Design Ideas to Keep Long Branch Condos Cozy!

Winter Interior Design Ideas to Keep Long Branch Condos Cozy!


Every season brings with it a new energy, a special feeling, and a good excuse to revive your home. Spruce up your nest with some design adjustments to reflect (or contrast, if you prefer) the winter’s brisk weather and introspective vibe.  Bringing your home into alignment with the season can make all the difference on short, gray, winter days when you come home cold and bleak; think of a warm fire with candles flickering around the room, super soft pillows, and blankets to cuddle up with. A few plants add a friendly green respite from the dreary outdoors, and some cedar and pinecone accents provide a seasonal scent that increases the glow.

There are many approaches for revising your Long Branch condos to augment the winter spirit and provide comfort and warmth. Here are some ideas for the latest in interior design styles to inspire you to update your space for the wintertime.

Consider the Colors

Winter brings with it an entirely new palette. As the light outside changes, colors become more muted and grayer. The air becomes drier and the trees lose leaves, becoming more barren than other seasons. The browns, blues, and grays become enhanced as the lush greens fade away.

There are a few approaches to the winter color scheme—and based on your preference, you can stick to one theme or combine them for a perfect balance. The basic schools of thought are as follows: you can contrast the cool colors found outside with warm hues and perhaps even some green accents to freshen up the winter shades. Or, you may prefer to enhance the wintry colors found outdoors by mirroring them with lots of whites and grays, creating more of a winter-wonderland effect.

Blend the color schemes to find the one that makes you feel the most at home in your Long Branch condos.

Warm Colors to Warm the Spirit

When you think of winter, you probably think cold. Generally, when it’s super cold or dismal out, you want to feel warmth in your home. But there are more ways than using your central heating system to get the cold out of your bones. Warmth is felt not only through heat, but through the senses. It can be felt through sound—maybe classical music—or the scent of stew simmering on the stove. When choosing colors for the winter season, think visual warmth.

Visual warmth can come in the form of warmer browns, such as a nice sienna, or oranges and reds. You can add the warm colors in the form of pillows, rugs, and throws. Try swapping out your upholstery for a warm khaki color or add some wine-red blankets to the couch.

Warm tones like this reddish brown sienna theme feel welcoming and pleasant while warming the senses.

A Bit of Green to Vivify  

We all know that winter zaps the green from the earth. Not only are the leaves gone from the trees, but the earth is often covered in white snow. The days are short and the short-lived sun shines through a haze that washes out colors. Still, there is no need to go without greenery.

Breathe fresh life into your home with plants or even just green accents. Evergreen arrangements are a much beloved winter addition because they add not only a deep green pop, but also a fresh fragrance that freshens the air. Poinsettias are another classic winter plant that add both green and a passionate red to the environment.

Don’t hesitate to bring in fresh plants as well. Indulge in flower arrangements in whichever color makes you happy. Add some potted house plants to strategic corners. Bringing life into the home through plants is a wonderful way to brighten an atmosphere.

In addition to plants, you could also add green accents to your interior design. Maybe some green in the rug or in the pillows. A little bit of green can go a long way to make a room feel vivacious and alive.

Winter Whites

The modern sensibility tends towards simplicity and minimalism. It’s no surprise, therefore, that currently, the most popular winter interior design trend highlights the whites of the season.  White is fresh, open, and new. It gives one space to think and be inspired. It makes a space feel airy, free, and clear of clutter. White reflects the light of all hues, making it the mother of all colors. As you move up the spectrum, you’ll find varying shades of gray as well.

Fur throws around your Long Branch condos help keep it cosy

This room sticks with winter colors: grays, whites and brown accents reflect the simplicity of the icy outdoors. Lots of textures help add depth and dimensions to an otherwise cold room.

The Long Branch condos at the Lofts Pier Village already emphasize space. Making white the base color for your winter theme can create the feeling of an ice palace in a snowy wonderland. This look can work, but can become too stark without some warm colors to add heat and life to your interior. Consider adding some of the colors mentioned above to balance out the all-white look.

Plush decor for long branch condos ideas


Notice how the warm colors offset the snow white walls to balance that stark winter look with a bit of pleasant glow. Add just a hint of green to remind yourself that spring is on the way when you get the gray winter blues, and you’ve got the winter interior design look down pat.

Textiles: Blankets, Throws, Pillows and More

One of the absolute best ways to add luxurious warmth and coziness to Long Branch condos is through textiles. Plump up the couch with extra overstuffed pillows. Pile up the woolen blankets.  Indulge in faux fur, velvet, cashmere, and sheepskins. The more textures the better!

Texture ideas for keeping Long Branch condos cosy this winter

Lots of super soft faux fur can be the perfect nesting material for your wintery night dreams. Make a reading nook with lots of rugs, pillows, and blankets so you can snuggle down into a bed of clouds. Dreamy pink flowers and a white theme remind one of a whimsical, snowy winter wonderland.

A few tasteful fabrics that complement one another will add depth and warmth to your space. Think of soft knits to wrap around your body and furry pillows upon which to rest your head.

Cosy Long Branch Condos photo

Load up on blankets, because nothing makes one feel quite so welcome and homey on a chilly winter morning as a warm blanket to wrap around your shoulders. Pinecones, cinnamon sticks, and dried citrus all add a festive and wintery feel while also wafting their scent into your home, warming the senses.  And of course, drink lots of herbal tea to warm the heart and body.

Throw Down Some Rugs!

Bare floors can suck the warmth right out of a room. While it’s great to have tile and wood floors in the heat of summer, it can leave your home feeling barren and chilly in the winter months. Throw down some rugs to keep your feet warm. In addition to practicality, rugs function to pull a space together in cold months, making it feel smaller and cozier.

Find a rug to match the existing color scheme of your home and you’ll enjoy putting it out every year as Jack Frost approaches. Nothing changes the feel of a space so quickly and completely.


Like rugs, curtains are a textile accent that can make a dramatic difference in a room in no time. Add some big thick curtains to your winter nest to cover the windows and insulate your home from cold drafts.

Bedroom Layers

While winterizing your home design, don’t forget your bedroom. Long nights mean lots of time indulging in our beds. Make yours extra plush with extra blankets, quilts, comforters, or a duvet.

Add a plush chair in the corner to make your room feel cozier.

Tasteful Accents to Add a Glow: Lighting, Wood & Scent

Lighting makes a huge difference in the feel of a room.  Add fairy lights to create an icicle-like, whimsical twinkle to your home. You could even add full-spectrum light bulbs to your rooms to fight the winter blues.

Another form of light, of course, is a good old-fashioned fire. Fire adds a glow that can be mesmerizing—not to mention, it literally gives off warmth.  If you don’t have a fireplace, consider getting a heater that look like a fireplace to add that quintessential winter experience into your space.  You can also place big candles strategically around your condo for that flickering magic.

Add wood wherever you can manage it. Wood accents add a ski lodge effect and can make a space feel intimate in no time. A nice scented wood, such as cedar or pine will also freshen the environment with that clean, evergreen perfume.

Other tasteful touches that will add both winter character and a fresh scent include pinecones, dried herbal or citrus garlands (think slices of orange or star anise), and cinnamon sticks.

Check out some of these pictures to get inspiration as you spruce up your Long Branch condos for the winter months.




Image of warm tea to warm up Long Branch condos in wintertime

The scent of pine cones, some winter-fairy lights, and seasonal dried leaves bring winter-nature inside the home. A cozy pillow and a furry rug to curl up on with a hot cup of tea will help keep the warmth inside.









Make your space comfortable with super soft pillows and throws. Winter is all about getting cozy.


Another fine example of warmth mixed with white and a hint of greenery. Notice how the wood accent and faux fur blanket cozy up the atmosphere.

An excellent use of wood and natural fibers add a rustic cabin vibe to this big open space with lots of natural light.