Reasons for Fitness-Lovers to Check Out These Long Branch Condos for Sale

Reasons for Fitness-Lovers to Check Out These Long Branch Condos for Sale


Staying fit is a crucial part of overall health and happiness. Not only does exercise strengthen your bones and muscles and burn fat; it also reduces stress and improves mood, sleep, and overall immunity.  At The Lofts Pier Village, it is easy to reach your fitness goals and stay in shape. With a private gym for residents and loads of external outlets for physical well-being, you will never be hard pressed to remain active. If you’re a fitness-lover who is looking for Long Branch condos for sale, look no further than The Lofts at Pier Village!


Here’s a list of the best fitness options in the vicinity of The Lofts Pier Village:


The Lofts Pier Village private gym for residents


If you’re a fitness enthusiast in the New Jersey area and on the hunt for Long Branch condos for sale, The Lofts Pier Village has got you covered with a gorgeous, state of the art gym for residents. It is perfect if you prefer a more low-key environment or want to work out closer to home. It is private and located within your very own condo complex, so you can drop in quickly at any time of day for a bit of training.


With weights, cardio equipment, and strength training machines, you’ll have plenty of options to satisfy your workout desires.  The Lofts also provides mats along with a yoga and personal training studio.


For those who prefer swimming laps, The Lofts Pier Village has an outdoor pool to accommodate your needs. Surrounded by gardens and deck chairs, it’s the perfect environment in which to get your daily swim.


Gold’s Gym at Pier Village


Hours: 5 am to 11 pm most days with shorter hours on the weekends

Distance from The Lofts: Only about a 5-minute walk within Pier Village; you’ll find Gold’s Gym on Ocean Avenue



The Pier Village luxury beachfront neighborhood is home to its very own spectacular gym – a perfect way to keep the residents fit, happy, and healthy! Gold’s Gym is up to the challenge with a clean, open atmosphere and state of the art equipment. If you are considering Long Branch condos for sale in Pier Village, this is the best full-service fitness center in which to purchase a membership. The staff will take outstanding care of you, making sure your fitness needs are met.


In fact, Gold’s Gym takes great pride in providing an extremely supportive environment with knowledgeable and motivational instructors and personal trainers. Whatever your skill or experience level, an excellent personal trainer could support you in overcoming your challenges and reaching your unique fitness goals.


Another option is to join their group training option in which you can train with a group of others who share in your full-body fitness goals. Group training is a great option for those who thrive when they have teammates with which to share in the challenges, motivation, and victories!


Gold’s Gym also hosts fun community challenges for members, such as the 12-week body transformation contest in which you have the chance to win a cash prize (even while you improve your fitness and health!).


Moreover, there is also a variety of group classes tailored to an array of fitness needs. Group fitness classes include popular choices such as spinning, yoga, “butt and gut,” Pilates, power core, boot camp, and cardio kickboxing. They also offer some unique varieties, so you could try out a class you’ve never heard of before, such as Bodypump—a barbell class with music. Alternatively, you’re encouraged to take a class you’ve always wanted to try but have never had the chance to, such as Zumba—a sort of fitness dance party that is both energizing and fun. Plus you’ll learn some new dance moves, which is always a good incentive!


If on the other hand, you’re more of a solo fitness enthusiast, try out the new digital coaching experience offered by Gold’s Gym. It includes audio guided coaching experts and high-energy DJ mixes!


And of course, no gym would be complete without excellent equipment maintained to the highest standard of performance. You’ll find cardio equipment, resistance machines, and weights. There’s also a boxing area if that’s your preference!


Other amenities include a sauna and steam room to relax and soothe your body after a solid work out. There is a smoothie bar where you can grab some pre- or post-workout nutrition and a pro-shop so you can pick up a much needed water bottle or sweatband!


You’ll also find Wi-Fi throughout the facility, so you can listen to podcasts while you jog or watch a TV show while you use the stair machine. Gold’s Gym also provides you with locker rooms and towel service.


Jersey Shore Fit

Hours: 24-Hour Gym

Location: 20 minutes away in Bradley Beach



If you crave a fitness center where you can get deep into the workout grind any time of day or night, Jersey Shore Fit is an excellent option for you! This local business has been in operation for 35 years and has expanded from a core weight lifting tradition to include the latest in weight training, cardiovascular equipment, and group fitness classes.


With the gym open 24 hours a day, including holidays, you’ll always be able to  work out, no matter what time of day you crave the burn. Trained staff are always on duty to assist you with your training needs, even at 3 in the morning.


With 3 floors of diverse equipment and over 60 cardio machines, there’s enough here to change your workout routine daily, so getting into a rut won’t be a problem.


There are also 11 varieties of cardio, conditioning, and strength training classes. These include classes like yoga, cycling, Pilates, core conditioning, kickboxing, and more. Try Kettlebell cross-training, or challenge yourself with 20/20/20, a class that features 20 minutes of cycling, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes core yoga and Pilates.


If you aren’t sold yet, Jersey Shore Fit offers free nutritional counseling for new members within 90 days of joining—a great incentive to round out your health!

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Outdoor Activities


If you crave a more natural, outdoor environment while you get your body moving, you will find no shortage of spectacular outdoor activities in and around Long Branch. Condos for sale at The Lofts Pier Village are within easy range of several parks and other outdoor venues.


There are many bike routes all around the Long Branch area, and The Lofts Pier Village offers bike storage so that you can indulge in your cycling passion with ease. A few popular bike routes include the 11-mile bike ride up to Spring Lake or the Paths to the Sea, which takes you through Monmouth county to the ocean.


If you’re self-motivated, take a jog on the Long Branch boardwalk or wake early to practice yoga on the beach—you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful environment to get balanced and centered!


If you want another beautiful space to run good walk, check out Seven President’s Park, where you’ll find 38 acres of land to explore. This park also has a skate park if you want to get your exercise on a board!


Are you a swim enthusiast? You’ve got the sea at your doorstep.  Just step outside to take long morning swims in the salty waters beneath the great open skies! Alternatively, if you prefer a tamer environment, dip into the pool at Lofts Pier Village to get in some freestyle laps.


You could also find a partner to join you at the tennis courts at Manahassett Creek Park—or organize an entire team to play basketball at their courts or soccer in one of their multiple fields! Manahassett Creek Park also features a fitness walking trail which runs along the perimeter of the fields. It is divided into a ¾ mile section and a ¼ mile section and is perfect for getting some extra fitness into your walk or run.


For a different kind of workout, both Pier Village and Seven President’s Park have an ice-skating rink that will get your heart pounding in no time while you glide around the ice.


To learn more about the variety of amazing outdoor activities near The Lofts Pier Village, Long Branch condos for sale, check out our list here. 


In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get your fitness routine in motion—your body will thank you!