Why Living in New Jersey Beach Condos Could Be Better For Your Health, Scientifically Speaking

Why Living in New Jersey Beach Condos Could Be Better For Your Health, Scientifically Speaking

Everyone loves a great beachside vacation, but did you know that spending time near the ocean has a scientifically proven positive effect on your health?  As if you needed another reason to explore New Jersey beach condos to move into, researchers are now touting coastal living as a great way to improve your overall health.  Find out just how living in “blue space” can affect you, and why The Lofts Pier Village in Long Branch are our first choice for making the transition to coastal living.

If you’ve ever walked along the boardwalk of the Jersey shore, taken a deep breath of sea air, and felt an overwhelming sense of tranquility, you won’t be surprised to hear that there are psychologists and environmentalists whose sole research focus is analyzing the science behind what you’re feeling. For decades, researchers have been fascinated by the effects of blue space on our health and well-being.

What is blue space?

Blue space is a term used to describe a water environment. Scientifically-speaking, blue space can refer to oceans, lakes, ponds, and rivers, but it also includes areas like ports, marinas, waterfront parks, and even large, decorative water fountains.  A great example is our very own Pier Village, a mixed-use, Victorian-inspired community right on the Jersey shore.

In contrast, “green space” refers to land areas that are predominantly grass, trees, or vegetation in otherwise urban environments.  An example is the expansive, green Central Park in the middle of the otherwise concrete jungle of New York City.

Researchers have long studied the positive effects of green space living in regard to our mental and emotional health.  Recently, though, researchers have been moving to explore the effect of blue space on public health and well-being.


We’ve always equated the beach with relaxation, but now we can prove the connection.

For centuries, beach vacations have sparked images of lazy afternoons suntanning, total pampered relaxation, and fun beach bonfire parties. In fact, doctors of the 18th and 19th century prescribed visits to the sea for patients in poor health. Sea air was considered the best remedy for everything from depression to high blood pressure, respiratory problems, and even tuberculosis!  Now, we have the scientific research to back up the traditional “sea air” cure.

One of the first groups to make the statistical correlation was The Blue Gym Initiative in the United Kingdom.  The Blue Gym opened in 2009, and according to their initial report, attempted to show “ Whether blue space environments might be positively related to human health and well-being; and  whether the public could be encouraged to preserve and protect these environments.”

Sure enough, researchers at The Blue Gym found that individuals living near the coast were statistically happier and healthier than individuals living inland.

If vacations to the beach are beneficial, what about LIVING by the beach?

This is precisely the question raised by environmental psychologist Mathew White, professor Michael Depledge, and Senior Fellow Dr. Benedict Wheeler. Their team sought to analyze the effect, if any, that living by a large body of water has on our overall health.

True to their hypothesis, their findings supported that coastal living improves quality of life for individuals.

Moving closer to the sea “significantly improves people’s well-being,” White said “By about a tenth as much as finding a new job. The seaside environment may reduce stress and encourage physical activity,” he added.


Following the initiative of the Blue Gym, several research teams delved into further questions raised by the blue space health concept. Namely, in what specific ways does coastal living improve our health? Additionally, how, biologically speaking, does blue space affect us?

Here are 6 specific ways that coastal living boosts your health.


  1. Coastal life increases physical activity.

Continued research from Dr. White supports his assumption that people living near a coast are more active than those who live inland.  Obviously, swimming is a natural inclination for coast dwellers, but there’s also more motivation to explore paths and trails while biking and hiking. Simply being in a beautiful, natural environment can be enough to encourage you to get out and about, rather than staying indoors.

  1. Outdoor activities combat depression.

Research shows that outdoor physical activity can prevent and alleviate symptoms of depression. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists regularly recommend moderate physical activity as a part of depression management and treatment. Oceanside living provides ample opportunity for many, enjoyable outdoor physical activities that could help combat depression symptoms.

  1. Water temperatures make for more gradual seasonal changes.

Doctors Connie and Marcel Hernandez of Pacific Naturopathic and the Natural Health Associates explain that water temperatures in different seasons positively affect emotional and mental health. Because water temperature changes more gradually than air temperature, blue spaces provide an environment that helps individuals cope with the sometimes-difficult seasonal changes.

  1. Ocean sounds reduce anxiety.

It is well known that the sound of ocean waves can alter brain waves which in turn puts the listener into a state of relaxation. It’s no wonder that noise machines and meditative phone applications all include an “ocean sound” setting. Living in one of your very own New Jersey beach condos would mean you have a permanent, meditative sound machine right outside your window!

  1. Sea minerals reduce stress.

Some say that minerals in the sea environment reduce stress. Negatively charged ions in the sea air combat free radicals, improving alertness and concentration. Salt in the water preserves tryptamine, serotonin, and melatonin levels in the brain, which aid in diminishing depression or increasing your overall sense of wellness.

  1. Sunlight provides Vitamin D, which is critical to our body.

While there are very serious risks involved with too much sun exposure, there are many positive health benefits of appropriate, safe sunlight exposure. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are used in the body to manufacture Vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency is a concern for many people, as it has been linked to various diseases, including cancer. Vitamin D is an important part of developing healthy bones. In children, vitamin D deficiency can cause rickets, a condition characterized by delayed growth and skeletal deformities. Vitamin D has been shown to play a crucial part in the bone health of adults as well. Sun exposure is also used to treat certain skin conditions from jaundice to eczema.

In addition to the physical health benefits of sun exposure and Vitamin D, there are many mental health benefits. People battling chronic depression, seasonal depression, pregnancy related depression, and those with anxiety-related disorders have been shown to psychologically benefit from sun exposure.

Living by the water increases one’s exposure to sunlight, which also helps to increase vitamin D production and increases serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin levels that are moderately high increase positive moods and give a person a calm, focused, healthy outlook. In addition, serotonin is a precursor to melatonin, which helps us to fall sleep at night. Getting adequate exposure to the sun is a great way to increase your quality of sleep and your overall physical and mental health.


The Lofts Pier Village: New Jersey beach condos that satisfy your coastal craving


The Lofts Pier Village are gorgeous examples of New Jersey beach condos that you could be living in to experience for yourself the health benefits of coastal living.

At last, the shore is yours. Everything you want and more than you can imagine for an ideal seaside lifestyle – it all comes together in one incomparable beach setting in Long Branch, New Jersey.

Indulge in a coastal lifestyle, enhanced by a community with fine restaurants, eclectic shops, and the serenity of the ocean. Outdoor shopping and dining are all within walking distance of The Lofts Pier Village.

Set on the fabled Long Branch coast, the community of Pier Village provides plenty of activity to get you out into the sun and sea air. A variety of festivals are offered year-round, such as Pier Village’s Thursday night free summer concert series and the annual Pierfest [link to Pierfest blog].  Spend an afternoon flying kites under the sun at the annual Kite Festival or catch one of the regular fireworks shows.  During the winter, you can ice skate by the sea at Festival Plaza.

Pier Village condos

In addition to these New Jersey beach condos convenient access to the beautiful ocean, The Lofts Pier Village offers an outdoor lap pool with cabanas and an expansive pool deck with towel service. There are beautiful outdoor private parks with relaxation lawns and meandering paths. Alternatively, relax in the outdoor lounge areas, complete with fire pits and grills. Children can pick from the designated children’s playroom, game room, or screening room for additional indoor entertainment.

If you’re really committed to boosting your health, a private, state-of-the-art fitness center and yoga studio are on site, with both men and women’s locker rooms.

Don’t forget the pets! Your furry family members can enjoy baths after their outdoor play and beach walks at the pet washing station on site.

The Lofts Pier Village has many more amenities, all designed with your comfort and lifestyle in mind.


Each condo has a list of features that make it an ideal location as your new coastal abode. Imagine gaining some precious Vitamin D from the privacy of your own terrace overlooking the ocean. Plus, the modern bedrooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows in addition to the outside terrace, making it a dream by the sea. The kitchens are equipped with premium appliance packages.


Ready to make the transition to a healthier, more relaxed coastal lifestyle?

Check out the New Jersey beach condos for sale now at The Lofts Pier Village.

If you’re looking to drastically improve your physical health, mental health, and overall well-being by moving to a blue space, consider the luxurious New Jersey beach condos at The Lofts Pier Village. Living on the coast is a dream for many people – that beach-side living dream can come true for you at The Lofts Pier Village. Whether you work in New York City and want to strike a balance between urban life and the beauty of beachside living or you are ready to explore relocation, consider New Jersey beach condos along the Jersey Shore at The Lofts Pier Village.





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