Coastal Chic Interior Design Trend: 15 Ideas to Style These New Jersey Shore Condos

Coastal Chic Interior Design Trend: 15 Ideas to Style These New Jersey Shore Condos

Have you ever dreamed of living on the beach—with the sound of the waves in the distance and the scent of the salty sea wafting through the windows? The Lofts Pier Village are gorgeous examples of New Jersey shore condos that you could call home—right on the beach! And in order to maximize that easy-breezy, beach feel that you adore, we’ve put together an introduction to  the trending interior design look called coastal chic.

Designed to enhance the coastal sensibility by creating a light-filled, elegant, yet laid-back vibe, this style is an excellent choice for decorating New Jersey shore condos— we hope it can offer you a bit of inspiration as you design your new home.

Coastal Chic: Origin Story

The current coastal chic style that is trending in the interior design world originated in the Hamptons—not far from New Jersey! The Hamptons are a string of communities or villages on Long Island in New York.  Much like Long Branch, the Hamptons have long stretches of beach and are frequented by affluent New Yorkers on the weekends and summer holidays.

The coastal chic style reflects the beachy nature of the Hamptons, along with the elegance associated with the upper echelon of society who frequent the area.  The result is a home full of clean, open spaces with subtle beach notes and preppy nautical touches.  Coastal chic tends to be simple, minimizing the clutter while maximizing the lightness and openness of the space.

The style is meant to mimic its namesake: the coast.  The coast conjures images of the ocean and beach; stones and sand; wind and beach towels; easy times and slow, comfortable days. Take the feeling and aesthetic of these images and translate it into the design for a home. Then, elevate it with touches of luxury and chic details, and Voila: coastal chic!

The coastal chic style is no longer just for homes in the Hamptons, or even just for beachside homes. The style has become a full-blown trend, popular in regions around the world. Taking inspiration from coastal chic design offers mountain or plains dwellers a bit of the breezy feel of the beach, even when the closest shore is hundreds of miles away.

Still, there is no doubt that coastal chic suits coastal homes the best—creating a nearly seamless line between outside and inside. And just as the place of its origin, the style fits New Jersey shore condos perfectly.

Photo by Doering Designs

What is the Coastal Chic Look?

Fresh, natural and elegant. These are the three words best associated with this design trend. The overall concept is to blend in to the environment rather than to stand out. Understated instead of dramatic; subtle as opposed to heavy handed.



The coastal chic style combines neutral colors – shades of beige, brown, cream, and white. These hues, inspired by the shore, are soothing in nature. The color palette also includes calming colors like gray, sky blue, and sandy beige. These make a simple backdrop to allow for more color-popping accents. Coral is frequently included as well as a more vibrant accent color which complements the sea theme nicely.

Of course, white may be the most important base color in the coastal chic style. Expansive white walls paired with white painted furniture creates a very open atmosphere in a space, while inviting in the natural light. An appropriate use of white makes a room instantly bright and airy, lending itself to that calm but energizing, breezy atmosphere that is so loved by coastal dwellers.

When planning the color palette for your condo, consider that by keeping colors consistent throughout the home, you’ll create an easy flow from room to room.

These beach stones are a perfect color palette inspiration: notice the calm grays and beiges, the stripes and solid colors.  Consider implementing these colors and designs—or you could even incorporate a bottle or glass vase filled with sea pebbles or as the top layer of a potted plant’s soil.

Photo by Doering Designs

Who says coastal chic can’t be punchy? This designer turned up the color volume with splashes of turquoise and coral. The beige walls and pale blue trim really let the coral color stand out a bit more, while still maintaining an easy flow for the eyes. Notice how the paintings on the wall tie in with the pillows, table and rugs, for example, while the lamps tie in with the couches and blinds.



Inspired by the big open sea and vast, open beaches, the placement of furniture can really make a difference in the flow of a room. To follow the coastal chic sensibility, avoid crowding too much furniture, and avoid overly heavy pieces. Place the furniture to allow for easy movement—keeping the center of the room more open.  Be sure that natural light can stream in easily without any obstructions. And, again, keep the colors of the furniture in whites, grays, and blues to freshen up the space.

This room is perfectly open, with a floor plan that keeps the center space free. The grays here remind one of a calm day by the ocean,. There are some gentle blues and bright whites to make the room pop just  enough.  With subtle accents, like the anchor and nautical knot painting, there is a definite seaside theme going on here. And the succulent in the foreground and the net hanging on the wall add natural elements to the theme.



Keep the design focus on the windows. Remember, the whole goal is to keep the attention on the beautiful ocean view you fell in love with.  The windows will let in sunshine, fresh air and sea breeze.

Sheer curtains are a nice touch, since they will enhance the breezy feel of the windows.


With floor to ceiling windows, this room practically feels like it is in the middle of the ocean. These huge windows let in tons of fresh sunlight, while the big ceiling lights will provide the same effect when the sun is down.  Because the wall art and decorations are kept quite simple, the focus is on the sea and sky just beyond the door. However, the striped rug adds a bit of texture and pop so that the room isn’t completely minimal. Meanwhile, the big cushioned, gray couches invite you to relax, with lots of plush pillows to sink into. The overall feeling here is calm, bright and easy.



An important aspect of the coastal chic style is the relaxed and easy vibe. It may be sophisticated and elegant, but it is also a beachy scene after all, and you want the space to reflect this. Think big, cushioned couches with lots of pillows and blankets to create seating that invites guests to linger and lounge.

The sea-foam green walls, layered throw pillows, and breezy white curtains make this bedroom the perfect space for a calming night’s sleep.



Add visual textures to your home by using natural fibres and organic materials. Linen, wicker and rattan are classic combinations with the coastal chic theme. Lots of wood furniture and hardwood floors also add a lovely touch. Consider layering textures to add depth and create a subtle, pleasing aesthetic.

This contemporary, geometric reimagining of coastal chic is divine! The three little windows of this bathroom are reminiscent of the windows of a boat below deck—even more so thanks to the white wood paneling.  The triangle design mimics the sail of a sailboat, adding texture, while the mustard and navy blue add a gentle pop. The natural fibre baskets pull in the seaside theme.

Photo by Doering Designs

Go bold! This designer went for a statement lobster shadow box, paired with an incredible faux coral chandelier.

Photo by Doering Designs

Also notice the curtains which are sea-inspired with a bit more tropical flair—in a brighter blue and green to brighten up the space.



Stripes and Nautical Designs

We would be remiss not to mention  the influence of nautical images and stripes on the coastal chic style. Stripes and the beach go hand in hand:  think beach towels, beach chairs, beach hats, etc. Most beachside homes incorporate the quintessential stripes in subtle variation: either in the classical thick stripe, or in more modern, geometric styles.

Nautical knots and anchors are also great for a few nods to your surroundings.

Photo by Doering Designs

Don’t think stripes are for you? Check out this designer’s mix of patterns and pops of bright colors that give a not-so-traditional coastal chic look to this beachside home. The light simply pours in and one could happily while away the day reading a book on the plush, inviting couches. Notice the natural fiber chairs and blinds that give both texture and natural elements, and the white couches that add a breezy brightness. And of course, no coastal chic home would be complete without the beach-towel striped rug that is so perfectly preppy. This room could happily fit into any New Jersey shore condo.


Ocean and Nature-inspired Accents

When considering how to accent your beachside condo and add personal touches, consider adding in natural elements to go along with the theme. Driftwood and coral are perfect examples of coastal nature that are easy to incorporate.

Paintings of sailboats, anchors, and other sea-themed artwork will fit in seamlessly.

It is also always wonderful to bring in plenty of houseplants to create continuity from outside to indoors. Big plants are beautiful and lighten up a space. Air plants are a clever contribution, as they are low maintenance and fit in a variety of decorative planters.

Seashell accents and sailor stripe pillows are a perfect pairing in this coastal home.   The blue spiral stripes are a sort of play on the traditional theme and hint at ocean waves. The light blue, gray, and white give a very calming feel with open sea side effects. And finally, the flowers bring nature into the room, blending outside and inside in a seemingly effortless design.

Photo by Doering Designs

This lovely, beachy kitchen does a fabulous job of incorporating a few natural elements to balance the designer’s play with bright colors and geometric patterns. The marble countertops feel very natural as does the basket light fixtures over the island. The nautical stripes can be seen on the chairs in the kitchen, while the curtains and bar chairs have a more tropical, geometric take on the classic stripe—with wiggles and diamond shapes.


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