Find the Coolest Jersey Shore Condos for Sale Next to the 11 Best NJ Beaches

We all love taking a beach vacation. Long, lazy days gazing over the sea from a balcony, catching some rays on the beach, and dipping into salty waves is enough to soothe the soul and mellow the mind.  The Jersey Shore can be the perfect summer vacation hub, due to its so accessibility from New York, Philadelphia, and other parts of New England. The short distance can make it an easy weekend relaxation zone for you and your family.  Even better, with such a wide variety of Jersey Shore condos for sale right now, you might want to seriously consider making a permanent home at one of these incredible beach oases.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best beaches in the area to consider for your search. With roughly 141 miles of coast line, from Perth Am boy in the north to Cape May Point in the south, the Jersey Shore boasts plenty of beaches to choose from—from rollicking board walks and ideal swimming coves to boogie boarding perfection. Whatever you’re looking for in a beach, you’ll find it here. So, kick back and enjoy yourself for a little while.You may find you never want to leave!


Long Branch Beach

Only one hour from New York, Long Branch is a wide sandy beach with a boardwalk promenade and an upscale vibe. While Long Branch is a rather ritzy beach town, there is something for everyone here, including swimming, fishing, and plenty of free events. Indeed, the plethora of concerts and art walks that take place along the promenade throughout the year make this a happening beach that never gets boring. Long Branch has many dining options to suit every taste and excellent shopping opportunities, with a huge range of eclectic boutiques. If you’re looking for a combination of easy access to New York City and plenty of great beach fun, you’ll find plenty of dreamy Jersey Shore condos for sale here that will suit your needs.

Asbury Park Beach

Just south of Long Branch Beach, Asbury Park boasts perhaps the best people watching among Jersey Shore beaches.  Asbury Park attracts a great blend of people and is appreciated for being a particularly gay friendly beach. With preppy families and speedos aplenty, you’ll find all the food, drink, art galleries,and music you’re seeking at this exciting beach. The unique board walk includes a glass blowing studio where you can blow your own piece of glass as well as an antique arcade full of beautiful, old school pinball games.

Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook

If you want to get your nude on, Gunnison Beach is the place for you. It’s always nice to shed some clothes and enjoy a truly free swim. This is the only clothing optional beach in New Jersey and is part of the Sandy Hook Unit of the Gateway National Recreation Area. With a view of Manhattan and Brooklyn, you can get the perfect tan with no lines, and be back in the city for dinner sporting perfect beach hair..There is no beach fee here, but parking is $15.

Inlet Beach at Manasquan

If you’re a surfer, you’ll want to look for Jersey shore condos for sale near Inlet beach, where the surf is consistently perfect. Imagine beginning every day with a morning ride on the waves—not too shabby. With a jetty that creates year-round surf, Inlet Beach can provide you with just such a life. Beyond being just a surfer’s gem, however, Inlet Beach also offers rocks for fishing and a sand bar for the kids to splash around.


If you want to get away from the fanfare and hubbub, you might love the quiet little town of Strathmere with its tranquil, secluded beach. Located on a narrow strip of land between Ocean City and Sea Isle City, Strathmere is close to plenty of Jersey Shore condos for sale. It hosts a mellow beach where you can relax without the hustle and bustle of the more populated boardwalks found elsewhere. Although this quiet beach is less built up than some of the others, you definitely won’t be bored: rent kayaks, surf boards, boogie boards, or even go kite boarding. You can even go fishing if you like.

Spring Lake

Spring Lake beach boasts two miles of sand beach with few amenities and food, making this another great spot to get away from the bustle. This beach is clean and quiet and you don’t have to fight for a place to set up your beach zone since it tends to remain relatively uncrowded. Bordered by the longest non commercial board walk in the state, it makes for great jogging and exercise.The town is lovely, too, with a walking street and stunning Victorian homes.

Sea Girt

This little beach is off the beaten path and features a newly renovated boardwalk along with a mile of clean, sandy beach.It is a wonderful place to get away from the crowd and enjoy a seaside walk to the lighthouse. As you walk you’ll enjoy observing the lovely houses to one side of you and the ocean waves to the other.

Stone Harbor

With an abundance of small town charm, Stone Harbor is a quieter beach option and is excellent for the family. Rent bicycles and cruise the board walk or try out kayaking on the calm bay.The Wetlands Institute offers fabulous classes and activities where you can learn about the ecosystem of the bay. And what would a small town be like without a fudge shop and an ice cream parlor? Springer’s has been serving up ice cream since the 1920s and is something of a staple for the town and a must try if you’re passing through. This agreeable little town is like a walk through time and a vacation dream—the fire house even hosts magic shows on summer nights! A pleasure.

Point Pleasant Beach

Point Pleasant Beach is a perfect place for the family, with an entertaining boardwalk that hosts all the usual games and then some. It features a ropes course, miniature golf, and the state of the art Jenkinson’s Aquarium.The aquarium has an incredible array of sea animals sure to amaze both you and your children, from the more terrifying animals like sharks and alligators to the less intimidating species like penguins and seals.  And, of course, there is plenty of ice cream and carnival food. If you want a family fun beach, this is a great spot to call home on the Jersey Shore. Condos for sale abound, so you’ll have no problem finding a great place to live the easy-breezy, beachy lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.

Beach Haven on Long Beach Island

With a mile square stretch of protected ocean beach, this is a swimmer’s dream. Enjoy a long paddle out in the waters for hours. On the bay side of the island you’ll find Taylor Beach, which is calm and excellent for young children. You’ll also find a boardwalk, of course, complete with mini golf, an arcade, and endless entertainment for the kids. There is also plenty of shopping for you and an excellent maritime museum if you want to learn some history. Beach Haven is a nautical town and also provides a great opportunity to go out for a boat ride.

Ocean City

No Jersey Shore beach list would be complete without a nod to Ocean City Beach. With 8 miles of beach and a 2.5-mile boardwalk, this is a spectacle you don’t want to miss. You’ll have access to all of the amenities, restaurants, games, and as much sun and sea water as you can handle. Ocean City beach is a family vacation paradise where many happy people enjoy the seashore together. Voted among the best family vacation spots in the country, Ocean Beach strives to maintain the family vibe with a no alcohol policy (though you can purchase alcohol in nearby Strathmere). With a water park and concerts throughout the year, there is an abundance of entertainment throughout this vacation paradise to ensure you’ll never be bored.

Make Sure To Buy Your Badge When Visiting Jersey Shore Beaches!

Jersey shore beaches are often privately owned, so be aware that they usually charge day fees. You are required to carry a badge proving that you’ve paid—the fine is hefty if you’re found without a badge, so be sure to check ahead of time to see if you’ll need one.


This is the perfect time to take advantage of the wide variety of Jersey Shore condos for sale and enjoy the beautiful, relaxing beaches the Jersey Shore offers every day of your life. Imagine smelling the sea air and having the choice to jump in the ocean any time you fancy. Imagine having a fun boardwalk that the kids can walk to for games and seashore fun. With ample fishing opportunities, boogie boarding, and surfing, the Jersey Shore offers a lifestyle that people dream of: a year-long vacation.