Beachfront Condos for Sale in NJ: 5 Reasons to Buy

After a picturesque Jersey Shore vacation, you may find yourself exploring the real estate pages for beachfront condos for sale in NJ. If waking up to the sound of the ocean isn’t enough incentive to dive into condo ownership, here are five reasons to take the plunge you may not yet have considered.

  1. A seaside vacation property– If you’re tired of hunting for the best deal on a hotel room and packing your things every time you want to get away, a beachfront condo in NJ might work for you.

When you purchase a beachfront condo in NJ, all the hassle and stress of planning a trip disappear. You now have your own space that meets your standards and will truly feel like home. No more packing and unpacking – your gear stays at your property. Gone are the days of tacky decor and the worry of bed bugs or mystery stains.

Feel like staying a few extra days on your vacation? Great! It’s your place; stay as long as you like. When you purchase a beachfront condo in NJ,you’re afforded the same freedoms as regular home ownership, with two major perks – the location and view.

What’s not to like about waking up to the sound of the ocean and having breakfast on the beach? New Jersey has an impressive 130 miles of coastline,so if you’re interested in seaside living, be sure to check out the beachfront condos for sale in NJ!

  1. Beat the Southern heat–Your Jersey Shore condo can become a second home to escape the summer heat of the South. If you live in the South, this could be life-changing for you!

Did you know that in the month of May in Oklahoma, it was the hottest it’s been in 124 years? Right now, it’s over 110 degrees in Phoenix.  Sure, living in Las Vegas is exciting, but how does it feel getting into your vinyl car seats in July?

To say that it’s been hot is an understatement. In the past, the heat index has been known to reach 112 degrees. At that temperature, no one is out having fun,and the boredom begins.  If you’re feeling like you live on the surface of the sun, those ads for beachfront condos for sale in NJ are looking pretty good right now, aren’t they?

The average summer temperature in NJ is between 75-81.Compare that to temps of 100+ in the South lately, and it’s easy to see how summer can be much more enjoyable. Why spend your summer miserable in the baking sun of the South when you can spend it on the beach in NJ enjoying much more comfortable temperatures?

  1. Use it as an additional income by renting it or hosting it as an Airbnb– By now you’re beginning to recognize all the advantages that you get when you purchase a beachfront condo in NJ, and your mind is spinning with possibilities.

But if you’re considering using a condo as a vacation spot, what would you do with it the rest of the year?Well, the good news is that you aren’t the only one who likes the beach and not everyone wants to see it in the summertime!

There are plenty of people who would love to see the ocean sunset in the fall or even have a white Christmas by the beach. Short-term rental of your condo is absolutely an option. ESPECIALLY now that Air BNB has taken off as an easy option to rent out your home for short periods of time.

Maybe a newlywed couple wants a nice place to take their honeymoon, or someone is looking for a short-term lease while in the area for business or a place to stay while they relocate. A little research could go a long way into turning your investment into additional income.

If you love the idea of additional income but not the idea of being a landlord, no problem. There are property management companies that can handle all the details for you. They handle everything from collecting the rent to 2 a.m.maintenance calls. If you decide this is an option for you, look into what’s available around your property and find the companies that are best for you.

  1. Downsize the space but upgrade the luxury and views– If you’re part of the minimalist movement that’s sweeping the nation, a condo can be a great option for downsizing. Maybe your nest is a bit empty now with the kids off at college. Perhaps you’ve decided it’s time to retire and want a change of scenery. With a myriad of beachfront condos for sale in NJ, you are sure to find a great solution to your downsizing needs – without compromising on luxury and taste!

One major advantage to a smaller space is that you can upgrade your style and downgrade your hassle. A condo is a great space to have all the luxuries that would cost a small fortune in a standard house. Options like hardwood floors, top of the line appliances, and stone countertops become a lot more affordable when they’re in a smaller space. You can have the house you’ve always dreamed of without eating instant soup for the next five years to afford it. Very often, a newer condo will consider these luxuries as standard, and some may even come with spectacular amenities, like a pool, gym, yoga studio, or clubhouse.If you’re paying monthly membership fees for these things now, having them included means you can keep that money in your pocket.

If you’re the kind of person that loves a good DIY project, an older condo might appeal to you. There’s a good chance that it’s more affordable, and you can add whatever quirky touch you want. What could be better than a vacation home that’s uniquely tailored to your style and needs?

Worried about stairs or upper-level living? You can get a great view even from the bottom floor! Many condos also come with modern elevators and security features to ensure your safety. They truly have thought of every aspect to make people of all age groups and lifestyles feel right at home and at ease.

A smaller space comes with two perks that are often overlooked, less housework and more treasures.  By having only space you truly need, cleaning becomes a five-minute chore, not one to which you must dedicate a whole day or more.Goodbye spring cleaning marathon, hello quick tidy-up!Seriously, what’s not to love about having to do fewer household chores? Since there’s less to clean, you’ll also save money on cleaning products. No longer will you need the extra-grand size of cleaner, a small bottle should work just fine for your new slice of paradise.

The process of down-sizing can also become a treasure hunt. As you begin to weed out all your extra things, it brings into focus all the items you truly love. No more holding onto items just for the sake of having them. Your space becomes filled with nothing but things that you use regularly or bring you happiness. In the end, you end up with a space that frees your time, brings you joy, and has a view to rival any postcard.

While we’re on the topic of living your dream life, let’s talk about yard work or better yet, lack of it. For all of you who hate raking leaves or shoveling piles of snow, a condo gets rid of all that hassle. As a matter of fact, the HOA usually takes care of all the maintenance. Gone are the days of spending your days off doing home renovations or up-keep. Looks like you’ll just have to spend your new found free time swimming, fishing, walking on the beach, or curling up with a good book and a coffee.

  1. A shift in lifestyles means a great investment opportunity– There’s a shift that is happening in our society, and it’s rippling into the housing market. People are growing tired of city life as a whole and looking to get back to a quieter way of life. Millennial’s are starting families; city dwellers are leaving New York City in search of nice neighborhoods, more space, and excellent schools. With plenty of options to facilitate the daily commute into New York, New Jersey has become a go-to place to live.Between trains, subways, ferries, and buses there are plenty of ways to get to your new condo. There’s no need to pack up the car and sit in long lines of traffic anymore. After all, you own your condo, so there’s no need to pack more than your toothbrush. All these changes in the way people are living means that when you purchase a beachfront condo in NJ,you’re making an investment that has the potential to pay off big if you ever decide to sell.

No matter how you look at it,buying one of our beautiful beachfront condos for sale in NJ is a great decision! Condos are full of benefits that increase your quality of life. Whether you just want a vacation spot that’s all your own, or you’re looking for a lifestyle change or an investment you can enjoy as it appreciates, a condo is certainly something to consider.