Best 9 Things to Do Near Pier Village Condos, New Branch

From the Asbury Park Boardwalk to the Monmouth Mall, Long Branch has its fair share of activities in and around the area that in which residents and visitors can take part. But where should you go on the weekend? What do residents do for fun? This especially goes for those interested in buying one of the luxurious waterfront Pier Village Condos in 2020—New Jersey and non-New Jersey natives.Check out the top 9 activities to do around the Pier Village Condos, whether you are an interested buyer or a Long Branch passerby.

1. Spend the Afternoon at Monmouth Park (Only a 10-minute Drive from Pier Village Condos)

Take in an afternoon of horse racing at Monmouth Park, a Shore staple for almost 150 years. The track originally opened its doors in July of 1870 and, thanks to its stellar reputation, it became known as the “New market of America,” a reference to the  famous English racecourse.[1] After several closings, installations, relocations, and re-openings throughout the years, the track is still thriving today.[2]

Bet on the horses and eat deep-fried cheesecake with friends and family. During the spring and summer especially, the weekends are packed with events—everything from The Irish Festival to the Surf & Turf Seafood Festival. Tickets typically cost $5 for general admission and admission is free for kids under 12 years of age. Additional $10 cost for valet and clubhouse membership is $7.[3]

2. Enjoy Nature at Sandy Hook/ Gateway National Park (A 22-minute drive from Pier Village Condos—slightly farther than Monmouth Park)

Sandy Hook/Gateway National Park is a national park filled with a network of trails, spanning 26,607 acres. Visitors can take a stroll around the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, Fort Hancock Historic Post, and Keepers’ Quarters.

American history fans who want a little more of a structured outing will love the lighthouse tours, which discuss the role of lighthouses and why they were so crucial in maintaining the safety of seafaring voyagers. You may want to get there slightly early, as tours are  first-come, first-serve.[4]

For those who want to sit back and relax, check out the beach or go fishing.If you decide to fish, you will need a fishing permit, which can be purchased from the park. Or why not take advantage of the multiple trails and go bike riding?

3. Feeling the Need for Speed? Take a Trip to Six Flags Great Adventure (Roughly 45 minutes to almost an hour from the New Jersey beach condos)

For those who can’t get enough ofextreme rollercoasters including Batman,The Ride, and Dare Devil Dive, Six Flags Great Adventure is the place to be. Only a short drive away on I-195 W, the park is a surefire way to entertain your family over the weekend.

If you aren’t a fan of the thrill rides, headover to the family rides or watch  thelive entertainment and the animal attractions.There’s something for everyone, regardless of age. Tickets usually run around $80, but you can get more of a discount on the group ticket rate.[5]

4. Take a Stroll and Window Shop at the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets (A Little Less Than a Half Hour from the Pier Village Condos)

If you’re looking to shop on a budget and look fabulous, you’ve come to the right spot. Jersey Shore Premium Outlets is filled with brand name clothing and products at a fraction of the cost. You can get discounts as high as 65% on the latest trends, and look as if you spent a million bucks.

5. Walk Along the the Asbury Park Boardwalk (Only a 15- to 18-minute Drive from the waterfront condos)

Speaking of strolls, the Asbury Park Boardwalk, otherwise known as Asbury Park, is arguably the premier boardwalk in New Jersey. The boardwalk was developed in 1871, shortly following the inception of the city.[6]

It quickly became a common public meeting ground, drawing tourists, entrepreneurs, and entertainers, and it still maintains its popularity today. A little over ten years ago, the park underwent historical reconstruction, refurbishing key features like the Convention Hall and Paramount Theater.[7]

Since its founding, the boardwalk has been a key attraction. Visitors can watch concerts, eat gourmet food, and enjoy a drink at the Wonder Bar or Stone Pony.

6. Catch the Latest Performance at Two River Theater (A Mere 22- to 23- minute drive from the New Jersey beach condos)

From Little Shakespeare education workshops to book clubs and film series, Two River Theater is anart lover’s paradise. Throughout the year, over 55,000 guests come to Two River Theater to watch artistic performances.

Two River Theater isn’t only limited to the stage performances; the theater company also gives several workshops about theater acting, helping to inspire and educate the next generation of theatergoers and performers.[8]

7. Listen to Some Music at Count Basie Theater (Just a 19-minute Drive from Pier Village Condos)

Want to hear some tunes? Consider heading over to Count Basie Theater, which houses everything from live shows and events to student film festivals and education and outreach programs.[9]

You can split your sides laughing at a  comedy shower watch some of the biggest movies of the year. Whether you’re spending time with family, friends, or enjoying a date night, there’s something for every occasion.

8. Hit a Birdie at Old Orchard Country Club (A 12- to 14-Minute Drive from the New Jersey Condos)

Care for a round of golf? Go on over to Monmouth’s premier golf courses at Old Orchard Country Club. Old Orchard Country club first opened in the late 1920s. What makes the course stand out above the rest is that it used to be a farm—even to this day, ancient apple trees are around some of the holes.[10]

9. Enjoy All That Pier Village Has to Offer (In Your Backyard)

Saving the best for last, Pier Village offers residents and visitors many trendy boutiques and eateries, as well as 245 beautiful apartments overlooking the Jersey shore.

The beach is literally your backyard. And with a number of amenities to choose from—from delicious restaurants to the annual Kites at the Pier Festival, you are sure to have a good time, weekday or weekend night.

Final Thoughts: Don’t Just Take Our Word for It; Go See Long Branch for Yourself!

Whether you’re a golfer, shopper, food lover, or theatergoer, there’s something at Long Branch that is perfect for you. Head to the Sandy Hook/ Gateway National Park for a lighthouse history lesson. Or why not walk along the Asbury Park Boardwalk and people watch?

Whatever you choose, you are bound to have a great time. What’s your favorite activity in Long Branch? Have you seen the Pier Village New Jersey condos which are expected to open in 2020? Do you have another activity or attraction to add to our list? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  • Monmouth Park has been the horse racing staple for almost 150 years
  • It has gone through many closings and re-openings, installations and relocations, but still stands as one of the key places residents and visitors should go
  • In fact, it is considered the “New market of America” Tickets are usually $5 for general admission, with kids under 12 admitted for free
  • Sandy Hook/Gateway National Park spans around 26,000 plus miles
  • It has a vast network of trails where you can ride your bike. Kayaking is also available.
  • Take a history tour about lighthouses located at the national park; it’s first-come, first-serve
  • If you’re in the mood for thrilling rides, go to Six Flags Great Adventures, which has everything from roller coasters to family rides; tickets normally run around $80, but you can probably get them for less if you purchase the group pass
  • Go check out the outlet stores at Jersey Shore Premium Outlets, where you can get top brands for up to 65% off
  • Asbury Park Boardwalk, the boardwalk in New Jersey, was founded in 1871
  • Since then, it has been a hopping area to hear live music, shop at trendy boutiques, and eat at delicious restaurants; historical places such as the Convention Hall and Paramount Theater have been refurbished
  • The Two River Theater offers workshops and plays to over 55,000 theatergoers
  • Go to Count Basie Theater for a comedy show or to listen to music
  • Play some golf at the Old Orchard Golf Club, which opened its doors in 1929.The club used to be a farm and the remaining apple trees outlines several of the golf holes
  • Last but not least, visit the Pier Village condo’s beachfront backyard; enjoy music, mouth-watering gourmet food, and an array of trendy shops—all in the comfort of your own neighborhood
  • Expect to see the Pier Village condos open in 2020

Interested in the Pier Village condos? Considering luxurious loft living on the Jersey waterfront?

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