9 Little-Known Secrets About New Jersey Beach Condos That’ll Make You Rethink Loft Living

In 2020,  you can expect to see 245 luxurious New Jersey beach condos open their doors. In the meantime, you can prepare for the loft life by taking note of some little-known secrets that’ll be sure to enhance your space.

From wall decorations to room accessories, use these interior design and home organization tips to make the most of your space whether it’s a comfy one-bedroom or a spacious penthouse.

1. Make Space Bigger with Lighter Colors and Higher Curtains

Want to make your space bigger without the bump in price? Talk to your property manager to see if you can paint your walls a lighter shade. In general, the lighter the color (i.e. whites, light greys…), the more spacious your room will feel.

Combine this with some well-chosen reflective accessories, like flower vases and mirrors, and your rooms will certainly pop.[1]

Don’t Be Afraid to Lengthen Your Curtains

Another space-increasing trick? Lengthen your curtains. Yes, raising your curtains even only a couple of inches from the window will make your walls appear longer and the  room seem bigger.

2. Boost Character with Vintage Picture Frames

You don’t have to spend an arm and leg on accessories for your loft. Instead, dust off those vintage frames in your closet and hang them up in your living room.

Feel free to paint them for a color-splashing touch. An array of frame shapes will add visual interest as well.

If you’re not a frame fan, you can hang multiple sized mirrors in your living room. It will add charm and the appearance of extra space to the room.

3. Contrast Wisely

Contrast your wooden floors with a white throw rug. However, avoid tacking your rugs to the floor with double-sided tape, as it can be difficult to remove the tape from  the wooden floors.[2]

Ideally, you’ll want to place the two front legs of your living room furniture on the throw rug. This, along with minimalist furniture, will increase the room’s Zen.

4. Don’t Have Furniture Polish on You?

We all know a dab of furniture polish works wonders on cabinets, chairs, and coffee tables.When you’re out of polish, though, instead of running to the store, why not quickly make your own?

All you need to do is combine equal parts vinegar with lemon juice. Put the ingredients in a clean spray bottle, spray on the furniture, and polish away.[3] By regularly polishing your furniture, you’ll make your New Jersey beach condo shine.

5. Use Furniture to Create Rooms

Depending on your taste, you may want to break up a larger room into several smaller spaces. Consider using bookshelves and even the TV to act as makeshift room dividers.

That way, if you want some peace and quiet, you can head over to the comfortable seating area behind the bookshelf, away from the noise and blaring TV. You can always use room dividers, of course,but the cross-functionality of “furniture dividers” allows you to make the most of your space without adding another item to your loft.

6 Consider Using the KonMari Method

The KonMari method developed by organization guru, Marie Kondo,[4] is a great way to clear out crowded closets, especially during spring cleaning. Here’s how it works: you pick up an item and ask “does this bring me joy?” If the answer is yes, keep it.If not, throw it out.

A word of caution: you probably don’t enjoy everything you own. Flashlight? Snow boots? We thought so. It’s best to be safe, however, and leave these essentials in your loft just in case they become necessary.

7.  Rethink Hard Lofts

Hard lofts,  which are living spaces originally constructed as a warehouse or utility space, may have an original story that adds to its charms Save for theirhistory, though, hard lofts don’t normally have the same modern finish as soft lofts.[5]

A hard loft can meanmore frequent power outages and poor insulation from the brick walls.[6] Compare this to a soft loft, which combines the charm of ahard loft with modern features and finishes, and you have the best of both worlds.

New Jersey Beach Condos: Hard Loft or Soft Loft?

The New Jersey beach condos, for instance, will have that loft-y vibe—a chic minimalistic) design—with beautiful interiors,private terraces, floor-to-ceiling windows, and quartz counter tops.

Long story short, it’s time to rethink hard lofts.A soft loft may be the space to consider, especially for those looking for modern day installations with that quintessential loft charm For a detailed list on Pier Loft features and finishes, go here.

8. When in Doubt, Go Minimal

As we previously mentioned, lofts are luxurious and minimalistic. So if you’re not sure how to design your space, stick to minimalism for a modern vibe.

This means furniture in greys, whites, blacks, and earth tones. Also, as the name suggests, keep the furniture sparse, and be sure to let in abundant natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

9. Play Up the Industrial Structure

If you can’t decide on accessories or furniture, play up the loft’s industrial structure. Even soft lofts, although not quite as rugged as hard lofts, can have that same industrial look.

Use vintage (or drained and cleaned) kegs as bar stools. Also, incorporate more steel or steel-colored furniture—think lights and and a coffee table—into your living room.

Or why not make your loft beachy?

Being that the Lofts Pier Village New Jersey beach condos overlook the Jersey shore, why not combine industrial chic with a beachy vibe?

Hang up that old surfboard. Lay seashells out on your nightstands and coffee table. Incorporate sea colors such as green and blue in your rooms.

For instance, try green and turquoise pillows on a beige couch for a New Jersey shore-inspired loft.

Bonus: Let Statement Pieces Speak for Themselves

That polka dot rug? Orthe bright purple, velvet couch? Staples pieces are meant to stand out on their own. Pair them with more “timid” pieces like a neutral-colored coffee table or off-white bedding. Doing so will allow the eye to naturally go to the staple without being overwhelmed by any other furniture.[7]

Final Thoughts

The wait is almost up; the Lofts Pier Village New Jersey beach condos are going to be open in less than two years. That means that it’s time to design your perfect loft, whether you choose a one-bedroom or a penthouse.

While industrial and beach styles are safe go-to choices, that does not mean you’re only limited to those designs.As famous interior designer, Nate Berk us, says “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.”[8]

How have you designed your loft? Has it changed after you’ve moved? What other design and home organization tips do you have? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.


  • In 2020, expect to see 245 New Jersey beach condos overlooking the New Jersey shore
  • With the opening less than two years away, it’s time to prepare the design and layout of your loft, whether it’s a one-bedroom or a penthouse
  • Make spaces look bigger by painting the walls a lighter shade
  • Also, lengthen the curtains to give the appearance of a higher ceiling
  • Add character with several picture frames in different styles and colors
  • Make your own furniture polish with equal parts lemon juice and vinegar
  • Use your own furniture as room dividers to create your own rooms within a room
  • Use the KonMari method when throwing away items; but everyday items—such as dishwasher gloves and a toaster—should be kept
  • Hard lofts were originally warehouse spaces turned living spaces; soft lofts are living spaces meant to resemble hard lofts with the convenience of a fully insulated and updated apartment
  • Pier Village New Jersey beach condos are an example of a soft loft
  • When you’re not sure how to decorate your loft, it’s safe to go minimal and industrial
  • You should always go with what you love in decorating your home

Interested in New Branch beach living? For more information about condos for sale in Long Branch NJ, be sure to contact Lofts Pier Village.


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